DUST 514 Uprising 1.5 Patch Released

It’s no secret that DUST 514’s release didn’t get an overwhelmingly positive reception, with our very own Jim awarding it a 6/10. However, CCP have been quite proactive over the last few month, bringing new patches to the table which should help to change the face of the game and build it up to heights similar to what EVE Online has enjoyed.

With yesterday’s release of patch 1.5, DUST is taking another step forwards, with a patch which will try to address accessibility to new players via a new series of tutorials that help to lead you towards success, rather than simply tell you what to do. The New Player Experience will also reward players with dropsuits, weapons and modules, the better you do, but the real heart of it is still to be more inviting and welcoming.



Keeping things fun and interesting as you play deeper into the game, will be the new Squad Finder, so that you need never play as a lone wolf again as it helps you hook up with other undeployed squads of players. Meanwhile, the Corporations are seeing a bit of an expansion, opening up new roles for CEOs and Directors to be able to delegate tasks within the groups, with things like the Terrestrial Combat Officer and Personnel Director.

This amidst another round of bug fixing and polish, as CCP continue to develop the game. They’re really not stopping here though, with a long roadmap of further changes and plans to come, and have brought in Jean-Charles Gaudechon as a new Executive Producer to help lead the future development with his extensive experience in EA’s free-to-play business.

We’ll have a Q&A with Atli Mar Sveinsson, Creative Director on DUST 514, coming to you over the next few days.


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  1. All good for Dust. I tried the beta and got totally put off even bother to try again. It’s going to be hard for them to keep interest from casuals too, with brand new AAA titles coming out and new consoles.

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