inFamous: Second Son Special Editions Unveiled

Are you looking for a new jacket? I am, I lost one a couple months back, and now that it’s getting a bit nippy, wet and windy out, I’m on the hunt for something nice. Alas, inFamous: Second Son won’t be helping me out…

The inFamous: Second Son Collector’s Edition only has a denim vest cover for your game case, and not for an actual human. It does have a bundle of Second Son themed badges, a bottle opener, a special coin and an in-game Legendary Vest skin.

This is in addition to the contents of the Special Edition, which comes as a Digipack – like the original inFamous special edition’s packaging – which brings a Cole’s Legacy bonus DLC mission and a Delsin Beanie, so that at least my head will be warm even though I’ll be jacket-less.

Though details on where you can get a pre-order for these in have yet to be revealed – you’ll just have to keep an eye out at the usual suspects – Nathalia Chubin, Product Manager at SCEE, replied in the comments of the PS EU Blog to say that the RRP for the Special Edition is €79.99, and for the Collector’s Edition €89.99. No word on Pounds Sterling, but you can probably guess what the equivalents are.

In the meantime, here’s a promo image for the Collector’s Edition:


Oh, and you can also check out the final box art:


Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. Standard it is!

  2. Love the infamous trilogy so stoked for this. I have a huge fro and I hit the gym almost everyday so neither special edition would appeal to me.

  3. Love the inFAMOUS games. Im hoping this will be as good. The only thing good about this edition is the DLC, the rest is a joke.

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