Sucker Punch Explain The PS4 Pro Improvements To Infamous Second Son & First Light

It’s almost PS4 Pro time and Sony are wheeling out some games you had forgotten to show you just how super shiny they can be with a bit of extra horsepower. Both Infamous Second Son and First Light have been tweaked and you can download the patches for them right now.

“As a developer, it’s great to see games that we released two years ago come to life in more dazzling ways than ever before,” said Jason Connell from Sucker Punch. “The increased power, resolution, and HDR capabilities of the PS4 Pro breathe new life into every corner of the game.”


“If you’re into lighting, rendering, or VFX, I would encourage you to check it out,” he adds. “Second Son and First Light are beautiful games on PS4, but on PS4 Pro, they’re an exciting window into the future.”

But you don’t want to read about devs waffling that their games look super nice, you want to look, so here are some gorgeous screenshots.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Yay, a lot of time waiting for a game to install in the future whether I want to or not. Starting to think I should get the Pro as i can see it becoming mandatory and quite bothersome if one has it connected to the internet due to it being the first thing to appear.

    Can’t see any differences though.

  2. Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it already looked stunning on PS4.

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