GAME: All PS3 Digital Content Will Transfer Over To PS4

A GAME twitter account is reporting that all of your current PSN titles on PS3 will transfer over to your PS4, meaning that you’ll even be able to play GTA V if you’ve bought the digital version.

This information seems to come from a meeting they’ve had with PlayStation, and is likely referencing the Gaikai streaming functionality that will be introduced to the PS4 at a later date, due to them subsequently tweeting that this functionality will be implemented in 2014. They also state that it won’t work for disc-based games, but any digital purchases should be playable.


Previously Sony had stated that Gaikai streaming would support “the best” PS3 games, but this new information appears to confirm that it will support everything, providing you’ve already purchased it.

This is backed up by an apparent GAME employee posting on GAF, who says they’ve went through some sort of PlayStation training session, where this Gaikai streaming was mentioned, and that all home console PlayStation titles would be available – that means all PS3, PS2 and PS1 content.

It also might make the recently announced upgraded PS4 version of PSN games seem somewhat redundant, even if they’re going to have better visuals, and it makes sense why Sony are making them free if you’ve already purchased them.

This could be massive if true, and definitely something to keep an eye on. Remember, this will mean either way that you’ll be able to play these games on your Vita, either through Gaikai or Remote Play. Backwards compatibility might finally have a solution.

Update: The PlayStation EU Twitter account has just tweeted:

We often wonder how such massive miscommunications such as this happen.



  1. Even if this isn’t the whole story it’s good news, no ones going to be upset at getting free access to old purchased games on their new console. I’ve got my fingers cross for more freebies, like 4-player split screen 60fps Wipeout HD… Ok, never gonna happen :)

  2. I’ll wait for more details.

  3. I’ll wait for Yosp to say something or an official PR announcement. This could easily just be a bored shop assistant on the GAME Basildon twitter account.

  4. Once I get my PS4, and i will be waiting quite a while, I won’t be concerned with playing PS3 titles as I rarely replay games. If I do decide to play a PS3 game then I could always do the obvious thing and USE MY PS3!

  5. /pinch salt

    Be nice if something like this does happen especially as there are a number of PS3 exclusives that I’d really like to play (but makes no sense to get a PS3 now so close to PS4 release) – I’ll wait till SONY announce something official, I’m sure “leaks” like this will do their PR a world of good especially after the couple of days beating they’ve suffered with delays to some of the day one titles.

    Exciting time to be a gamer though, 2014 is going to be a great year watching SONY and Micro$oft fighting it out with who can have the most innovative stuff (sony VR headset anyone?! :D)

  6. Cross game chat on the old PS3 titles too? ;-)

  7. that would be great for Plus titles, if you could play them without downloading them.

    if they can use the same streaming tech with PS3 so i could play them on PS3 without the download taking up precious hard drive space, not to mention the download time, that would be awesome.

  8. They already denied it? Not that I trust tweets to get any information across correctly or Sony to keep its word but this miscommunication is rather unbelievable, isn’t it? So they basically got pretry much everything wrong during the meeting. Sorry to sound harsh but it must be easy doing that job.

  9. This isn’t even a mass miscommunication. Those GAME[enterstorenamehere] accounts are just ran by regular staff who work at that branch, therefore you can never take what they say as gospel. IF it was from the official GAME account then maybe, but an individual store getting things wrong is extremely common. When I worked at GAME I remember staff telling customers that the latest CoD wasn’t made by Activision any more and instead this new company, Treyarch, was making it.

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