Rocksmith 2014: Jamming With Ubisoft’s Teaching Tools

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much from Ubisoft San Francisco’s Rocksmith 2014 Edition. See, I’ve dabbled in playing the guitar for many years and I’ve always instinctively disliked the fleeting craze for guitar-based video games. I always thought these young whippersnappers should put down the crappy plastic peripherals and pick up a real guitar. Stop pretending and start really playing.

So, when the first Rocksmith released and I heard all the bold claims about how it really would teach people to play a real guitar, I scoffed dismissively and ignored it.

Now I’ve had a chance to play the latest edition of the hybrid game/learning software and I’m a little bit blown away by it. So, we thought it would be best to put it in a video and show you all what it does, how it does it and also just how much about playing guitar I’ve forgotten over the past year or so of not playing.



  1. I’ve not played a single music game so far, but after reading about the third really positive review of this I am actually tempted…

  2. Good stuff, I’ll be getting this when it drops in price. Already have the realtone USB cable from Rocksmith 1 and a Gibson Les Paul in tow so it’ll be a game only jobby.
    Rock gods ‘a’ snorting! :P

  3. Is there a way to stop it automatically ratcheting up the difficulty this time? I found the last one too trigger happy in that respect.

    • I read that you can set a difficulty this time, if you don’t want it to do that (I’ve not played it, though).

      • you can set the difficulty but I think it always varies complexity based on how well you’re doing. If you fail a bit it slides the complexity back down again though, so it shouldn’t ramp up too fast and leave you floundering.

  4. Great preview and i’m quite interested in this, i can strum and pick a bit on accoustic guitar but i also have an Aria Pro II which has been neglected because of having to set up and tidy away the amp each time. I might just wait and see if there will be a PS4 version but either way i think i’ll be putting this on my xmas list.

  5. Really nice video Peter!
    I’ve had a crappy electric guitar sitting around for about five years and never bothered to try and actually learn it, maybe I’ll see about grabbing a copy of this…

  6. I have the 1st one (i’ve tracked it down all trought Paris to find a USA version) and this 2014 one it was a surprise when i went into the local videogame shop… Wasn’t really expecting seeing a 2nd one, the 1st one i use it only as an Amp, the songs i didn’t really care about, but in this one the tracklist made me want to buy it immedeately! Shame i will be only able to buy it next month, will be hopping and jumping around till i get it :P

    • being able to set things up in the Tone Builder and just using this as an amp set up is a really promising aspect of the software – worth the price of it alone!

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