Rocksmith 2014 Getting A Release On PS4 & Xbox One This November

Ubisoft has announced that it is bringing Rocksmith 2014 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 4th, and according to the company over two million people have played the game already. If you’re not familiar with the Rocksmith series it’s one where you can learn to play guitar. You plug in your guitar or bass to your PC or console via a cable that comes with the game, and from there you play mini games, learn notes, chords, and songs with the the difficulty rising as you get better. I’ve played the original release and it has helped me a bit to learn the guitar.

The new gen version of the game will have better graphics, as well as allow players to stream their performances. Players who own the PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of Rocksmith 2o14 will be able to transfer over the DLC they have already purchased, as long as the consoles are in the same family. Remote play will also be supported and this will allow Vita owners to study songs from the game, or just certain sections of them, so you can practice though obviously without any input so there won’t be any in game progress.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. I never got around to the PS3 version, so this might be good. But, the selection of songs is nowhere near as good as in the original game.

    It appears you can import the songs from the original game into the 2014 version on the PS3. For a fee, which is a bit bloody cheeky of them. I guess that’s not going to work on the PS4.

    This makes it all far too confusing and probably leads me to say “Sod it, I’ll still be playing Destiny then anyway”.

  2. I received the PS3 version for Xmas – just after i bought PS4 so i haven’t played it much. Aside from the lessons, it has a cool feature where you can choose a simulated amplifier sound, some effects, and then have a virtual band jam along with whtever you are playing.
    I presume the USB dongle is the same so if there’s a digital download i might check out the PS4 version at some point.

  3. While it may be a good way to get next gen people jumping into the bandwagon, I’d love an upgrade path for existing owners. This game is the best reason I still hold my PS3, but I don’t feel like spending $60 to get a game I already own, especially with the obvious release of “Rocksmith 2016” later next year for the PS4/XBox One.

    • The main outlay will always be the Real Tone USB cable, which if compatible with next gen’s USB 3.0 input, could open up the possibility of ‘solus’ game availability preferably with that cross gen discount thingy!

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