News Snatch: Forza 5 DLC, BlinkBox And Basement Crawl

After Wednesday’s awful effort of a Snatch for which I can only apologise, I can confirm the good ship TC is almost back to full strength so I have a massive update for you today, starting with a new trailer for PS4, erm, thing, Basement Crawl. I still have no idea what this game is about or how it will play.


Ken Block has joined the Need For Speed team as a “racing advisor”.  Coincidentally, Activision have also hired Mini Lipscombe as a Racist Advisor.*


* May not be true, listen to the OMM podcasts if you have no idea what this is about.

PSM game Haunt The House: Terrortown has jumped ship to PC and Mac and you can buy the game for less than $5 from the official site.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be have six post-launch DLC packs, each containing ten new cars. There will also be a Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass which gives you access to all six packs at a discounted price.

Also getting a season pass is Ryse: Son Of Rome which will include with new battlefields, armour and events. Purchase the pass and save 25% versus buying each DLC pack individually.
MouseCraft should be on Steam anytime now and is “a charming hybrid of Tetris and Lemmings (with stylish 2.5D visuals) about stacking tetromino blocks onto each other in order to guide a few little mice to their beloved cheese.”

It also has mad cat scientist in the background, which is pretty awesome. You can also buy the game directly and pay what you like.

Well known scandal-monger, Mike Bithell, has tweeted the following:

Capcom are to release Kiwi & Me, a puzzle game targeted at the “casual female game player” market. The game features a cutsey blue bird and an awful lot of sexual stereotyping.

Lost Planet 3 managed to ship 300,000 units. That’s ship, not sell. Capcom had predicted sales of 1.2 million units and are currently estimating about the same volume for Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3.

Looking forward to Project Gotham Racing on Xbox One? Well it ‘aint happening, at least not yet.

“Some of the rumours around PGR were probably us working on Forza Horizon with Playground, and people were guessing it was a PGR game,” explained Microsoft Studios head honcho, Phil Spencer (not that one).

Japanese PS3 gamers will be able to get their paws on a Crystal Dualshock 3.

BlinkBox have launched a PS3 app, you can find it with all the other TV and video services. Annoyingly, they seem to have removed all the free-to-view TV shows.

Still reading? Told you there was a lot to get thorugh didn’t I? Up there is a trailer for PS4 PS+ game, Contrast.

New Xbox Love Terms Of Use have been released and it allows Microsoft to share specific personal data with partners. It also states that you must keep you personal information up to date.

Square Enix may let Eidos make a Final Fantasy game, an interesting idea that could refresh the franchise.

“Obviously, Square Enix bought out Eidos a number of years ago, and now we have direct access to American development teams. That’s certainly been discussed within the company, the possibility of say, Eidos or maybe someone else to look after or maybe take on the Final Fantasy series,” explained gameplay director Yuji Abe.

“And we obviously haven’t decided anything concrete, but if we find the right team of developers, the right people who really wanted to do it, and we had the right game, then yes, certainly we’d think about it.”

PlayStation has come second in a table of ‘Top brands on YouTube’, beaten only by Red Bull. Rockstar came third, Apple fourth, Angry Birds publisher Rovio was sixth and Ubisoft landed in seventh.

Microsot and Nintendo did not make the chart.

Xbox One game gifting could… oh, look you know the drill by now, Xbox One may be able to do a thing sometime in the future if they can work out how.

And Finally, a new trailer for what is fast becoming my new favourite game, the utterly bonkers Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z.



  1. so Contrast is going to be a Plus giveaway, sweet.
    looks like a very cool game, great style.

    i just have to get a PS4 at some point. o_O

    • I’m pretty sure it’s replacing Driveclub as the free PS+ game at release.

      • On the subject of Driveclub, is there any confirmation that it will still be free when it launches early next year?


  3. Contrast looks good. Really good. Hope the game turns out to be a little gem and not too samey.

    Basement Crawl’s trailer was superb! Not a sodding clue what’s going on but soooo interesting. Love it. :-)

  4. Booooooooo, no PGR.
    Forza DLC is a given, pretty much how they have always been since Forza 3. Can’t wait :-)

  5. Basement Crawl Looks pretty dull.

  6. BeeJe13
    Yes sony had said it would be released 2014 alongside the free + version

  7. Xbox love?lol

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