Naughty Dog’s Christophe Balestra Says Next Game Not Set In Space

There has been some speculation that Naughty Dog’s as yet unannounced PS4 title could be set in space and based on the Savage Starlight series found in The Last Of Us. This comes after teases from Naughty Dog from cryptic answers to visiting SpaceX, which added fuel to the speculative fire.

However Naughty Dog’s Co-President Christophe Balestra has tweeted on the rumour, saying “Visiting SpaceX… and no we’re not making a game that takes place in space! We just got invited because we’re cool!”

Of course just because the next game isn’t set in space doesn’t mean it isn’t Sci-Fi based. Naughty Dog’s new title could be set on an alien planet, which technically isn’t Space. Or the company is working on either Uncharted 4, a possible sequel to The Last Of Us, or maybe (and this is more hope than anything) a new Jak & Daxter game.

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  1. I hope its not Jak & Daxter. I downloaded the Jak & Daxter trilogy and i not sure what all the fuss is about the game. There were parts of the game I just thought it was horrendous platforming.

    • I was going to download Jak & Dexter til I looked at some YouTube gameplay then didn’t bother. Like you said… What’s the fuss?! I hope it isn’t J&D.
      By the way, the website is still taking me to the App Store on my iphone. 4 times whilst writing this comment. It’s god damn annoying!!!

    • Same here, Mario 64 feels more modern than Jak 1.

    • Ratchet and Clank was always the better of the two.

      Playing Jak 2 at the moment and it’s dire. Proper angsty teen guff. It’s like they took the platforming from 1 but made it worse, added a DMC devil trigger (which I remember thinking when it first came out) and some guns like R&C but unfunny ones.

  2. *I’m* Sorry :)

  3. I’m not fussed about Jak & Daxter either. Come to think of it, or another Uncharted, or a Last of Us sequel. Thought a Naughty Dog space game sounded great! Shame.

  4. Well it would have been strange for The Last of Us 2 to get to space, all of a sudden…

  5. I posted about this in the forum a week ago, and I was convinced it is a mistake – the link’s still up there though…

    • Nice find.. but i guess to get some traffic onto the site?

      I really hope it will a 2nd and not a “HD” version of the 1st on PS4

      • I checked the EU CDon site as well, and while the actual product page has been pulled, it still appears in the search results

      • You made it to the FrontPage ;-)

  6. Sources on GAF said they are definitely working on UC4.
    Still hoping for a Naughty Dog sci-fi game at some point, though.

  7. that’s a shame, an ND space opera could have been awesome.

  8. Frankly they could set their next game entirely in a toilet cubicle and I’m sure it’d still end up a masterpiece. Doesn’t really matter where it’s set to me it will be a must buy.

  9. I wonder if Naughty Dog will ever go the ‘constantly online world’ type like The Division or Destiny.

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