New Rambo Gameplay Trailer Is Bloody And Explosive

Normally a trailer for something like this would go straight in to Snatch but the new gameplay video for Rambo is so gloriously silly I think it deserves its own post.


Covering the first three movies the trailer begins with the massive-haired hero battling in a police station, before moving to the jungle for the second film where there is a ridiculous amount of blood.

Enemies explode in clouds of the red stuff, I especially like the section at the 47s mark when Rambo blows up a truck which in turn vaporises three enemies in to chunks of gore. Seconds later a enemy’s head completely explodes before we see an airborne section where everything else explodes.

Oh, and then a helicopter head-butts a tank.

The game is slated for early 2014, no official date has been confirmed.

Source: YouTube




  1. The head(s) exploding is quite amusing; as too is how Rambo seems perfectly happy to stand completely still when surrounded by 7 or so enemies – was he invincible to gun-fire in the films? Perhaps his feet are stuck in mud or something as only the gun appears to move.

    Some of the graphics aren’t the worst I’ve seen to be fair (assuming it’s PS3).

  2. I know John Rambo doesn’t aim down the sights but I just can’t play a FPS without that option. Not that i’m going to pick this up regardless as Shadowfall is imminent

  3. Apart from the amazing headbutt and comical value, that looks like one of the worst games I’ve seen this generation. It looks like a PS2 game but with the current gens power to produce a few more polygons enabling more exploding objects… & heads. In fact it pretty much looks like the enemies heads explode even if you shoot them in the foot with an arrow.

  4. “Give that man a ci-gar”.

  5. It honestly looks horrendous.

  6. I think they’ve taken inspiration from the the most recent Rambo as most people explode into bloody pulp in that :D

  7. I certainly won’t be buying the game – it looks shocking!!
    However I may have to watch the films again soon just for old times sake.

  8. Why did they make it a FPS?!?
    I was hoping for a Commando/Ikari Warriors style game much like Rambo on the Spectrum.

    • A decent 1080 shiney, loads of explosions remake of Commando or Ikari Warriors would be awesome. I think Ikari Warriors was one of the first half decent games I had where you could play co-op on the same screen.

  9. Rambo’s head is HUGE!

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