Blacklight Gearing Up For PS4 Launch

This year Sony has really upped the ante where indie games and free-to-play titles are concerned. During E3 and Gamescom 2013, the console giant paraded a wealth of titles coming to PlayStation 4, one of which is Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution.

For the uninitiated, Retribution is a follow-up to Blacklight: Tango Down, a downloadable shooter which launched on PSN/XBLA some years ago. In short, the game was met with a mixed reception despite floating some intuitive concepts.

The sequel, however, is much more well-rounded and, in my opinion, stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest and best shooters currently making the rounds.

Gameplay-wise, it mimics the fast-paced action and all-round feel of the Call of Duty franchise. However, a suite of clever gameplay modes and massive array of customisation options sets it apart from the competition.

The best thing about Blacklight, especially for those hesitant on shelling out big bucks for a PS4, is that it’s completely free-to-play. Sure, like any title reliant on micro-transactions there are premium short-cuts and benefits scattered throughout though none of these offer an unfair advantage.

Retribution will be available next week when the PlayStation 4 launches in the States.



  1. Looks good & apparently it plays really well too.

  2. this game looks fun as hell.. only 17 more sleeps to go.. cant wait.

  3. It’s difficult to see how Blacklight is going to compete with Killzone, BF4 and COD all releasing simultaneously on PS4 but i guess the free-to-play aspect means many will at least try it out.

    • I wouldn’t even think of buying this if it was retail but as it’s F2P I will give it a try. If I enjoy it I don’t mind giving them a few of my pennies.

  4. It is good to know that this will be launching with the PS4 as it seemed as though only a few days ago that the free to play games had disappeared from the PS4’s launch with some changes to the release scheduling, so it is great to see that they are almost on track other than Planetside 2.

  5. Well, I’ll definitely give it a go

  6. As I avoid COD anyway, I’ll give this a try… in case I can get hold of a PS4 without a preorder…
    Is that a lightsaber in there..? ;o)

    • I’ve seen somewhere John Lewis don’t accept preorders but their going to carry stock do give them ago. I don’t need to say get in quick ;-)

      • Thanks for the tip, but as I live a little southeast of the UK, there’s no John Lewis around here… ;o)
        Will probably check out a couple of shops Thursday evening and Friday morning, as it seems Swiss shops legally have to keep some stuff for sale on the shopfloor besides preorders… Let’s see.

      • Oops lol I didn’t know you was non-UK. Hope you get one anyway.

  7. It looks quite interesting. I’ll give it ago.

  8. I’ll definitely give this a go as I’m quite partial to an FPS Game…….I’m shit at them but enjoy them anyway.

    ^BTW^ My last visit to John Lewis set me back 15 quid for a mini USB Cable (PS3 Pad charging cable) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them selling PS4’s for more than the RRP. :p

  9. Just watched the trailer and I am impressed! Would be rude not to give it a go at launch.

  10. Next week is going to be tough. Journo’s and Americans getting their grubby hands on the PS4. Ugh.

    I think these F2P’s are under huge pressure since on day 1 when people are giving it a go, first impressions are going to decide whether people play more than 1 game or delete it straight off the bat.

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