Blacklight Retribution and Flow Slightly Delayed On PS4

So close, and yet so far, Blacklight Retribution and Flow have fallen at the last hurdle and will not be launch titles for the European PlayStation 4.

It’s not a huge delay though, Flow should be with us very shortly. “It’s delayed ever so slightly. We hope to have it with you next week – I’ll confirm as soon as possible,” explained Sony’s Fred Dutton.


As for the F2P shooter the news is a little more vague, “Blacklight Retribution won’t hit launch for this part of the world but it will shortly after,” said Jawad Ashraf from the PS Store Team.

Source: PS Blog



  1. That’s cool. I really don’t like Flow at all, think it’s utter garbage in fact! I just don’t get the appeal.
    As for Blacklight, it’s definitely something I’m interested in but there’s plenty to be getting on with in the meantime and it’ll be good to get something fresh a few weeks down the line.

  2. DelayStation4

  3. Luckily not massive titles :)

    Though looking on the store have seen a few price changes, Putty squad is not a change for the better though …. :(

  4. I wasn’t fussed about trying either of those anyway in all honesty.

  5. Flow feels like a cashgrab, I don’t see how it can be improved over better control through more precise sixaxis sensors. A sequel would be better.

  6. There are so many great games available day one a small delay is nowt to worry about.

  7. Anyone wanting to download Blacklight can register a US PSN account and hop there to download, that’s what i’ll be doing :~)

  8. Blacklight was on my radar as it’s free so I figured I’d have the odd go on it so Warframe might get a bit more attention now as a result (enjoyed the demo at the Expo). Flow, just meh really, pretty tech demo on the PS3 and not even that great a tech demo.

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