ThatGameCompany Remastered Collection Coming To PS4

The PlayStation 4 release of Journey this summer will also see the release of the ThatGameCompany Remastered Collection, featuring Journey, flOw and Flower, on one blu-ray disc.

Journey will remain almost identical to the PlayStation 3 version but will be presented in 1080p with the frame rate boosted to 60fps. The other two games are already available on PlayStation 4 as cross buy titles so they are free if you have already purchased the PS3 version.

There is no word on pricing but presumably the collection will be at the lower end of the market.

Source: Gamspot



  1. Journey best be free like flower was, it’s worth a buy again but I like the option of it being free offered to me

  2. Lovely stuff, been wanting to play it again recently but decided to hold on for the PS4 version, and afaik the cross-buy applies to this game as well, so it won’t cost me a penny more.

    • Me too, fella. I was hankering for a game only a few days ago and was wondering about the PS4 version. I’ll happily pay for it again but the cross-buy thing sounds more than perfect.

      • If not for cross-buy i would probably buy it again too – i’ve even bought the retail PS3 Journey Collector’s edition on top of already owning the games digitally. :)

  3. Another Remaster! YAY!

    Whilst this is good, i feel that the PS4 seems to purely consist of remasters or the odd new game apart from multiplat games. Have we entered the age of remastering? Will games be trapped in an endless cycle of being remastered on the next console? Will Batman save the Mayor? Will Sony invest heavily to get new IPs? Will Blair find his stash of Bru?

  4. I wonder if they’ll remaster remaster Resi 4 for PS4/XB1? It’s on every other console ever released I believe.

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