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FTL Advanced Edition And iPad Release Announced

A new content pack has been announced for FTL: Faster Than Light, the space ship management game that I covered in Indie Focus precursor CPCG here a year ago. The pack is called the Advanced Edition and will feature a lot of changes including new ship systems, weapons, drones, enemy ships, and environments.

The expansion will be free and sounds like it will be a substantial update. Some new ship systems have been detailed including the Mind Control System, which will let you temporarily take control of an enemy, so they could fix parts of your ship or even damage their own, and a Hacking System that will allow you to hack enemy ship’s systems, making a healing bay damage enemies instead of healing them is one of the examples given.

New weapons will also take advantage of some new features, such as overcharging to increase the number of shots, stunning enemy crew, and area effect targeting.  There will also be new events and sectors, with FTL’s writer Tom Jubert being joined by Chris Avellone, who previously worked on Planescape and is currently working on Project Eternity and Wasteland 2.

Also newly announced is an iPad release for the game, including the new content pack. The developers do intend to bring the game to other devices (Android tablets, for example) but are focusing on getting it released on iOS first.

Both the update and the iPad version are set to release in early 2014.

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  1. Focusing on an iPad version is understandable. Hopefully the Android version follows shortly after that. I will double dip the hell out of this!

  2. Fantastic! I still haven’t beaten the game, no star ship captain talent, but this will be a good reason to have another go. Engage!

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