Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Arriving On iOS

Continuing the pre-E3 news extravaganza, Capcom have announced that their iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be making its way West.  The game was released last month in Japan.

Releasing across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch the game is an enhanced version of the classic PSP title which appeared in 2009.  The reworked edition features higher resolution graphics, a target lock-on, and both optimised touchscreen controls and support for iPhone/iPad controllers. Crucially though it offers online multiplayer for up to four players, a feature that was sorely missing from the PSP original and the more recent 3DS edition of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Capcom also took the opportunity to release their Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate E3 trailer, with the game set to arrive on 3DS in the west early next year.  Here’s hoping that E3 could also see some news regarding the series making a return to Sony consoles.


  1. Good to hear. A bit annoying that I will have to start MH from scratch again but finally having online multiplayer is an absolute blessing.

    Just wish Capcom would stop messing PlayStation fans around. They were the ones who put MH on the map in the first place and have been left wanting since 2009.

    • This will be the fourth time starting Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for me, and that’s not counting Monster Hunter Freedom 2 as well… but as you say online multiplayer is the big win! I keep telling myself that it’ll be this year they throw a bone to Playstation fans but I’ve thought that before!

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