Rayman Legends Vita To Get Invasion Update On 26th November

Rayman Legends infamously launched on PlayStation Vita with a fairly significant chunk of gameplay and content missing, when compared to the home console versions. This, in addition to a little launch delay, made it far from the most desirable version of the game to buy.

However, Ubisoft quickly promised a patch that would add the missing Invasion levels and leaderboard functionality, just without setting a date for us to look forward to. It’s great to be able to say that if you’ve been holding off on buying Rayman Legends on Vita for this reason, then your wait is almost over – the Rayman twitter account has just announced that this update will be landing on 26th November.


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  1. Brilliant as I’m on nights that week.

    Wonder if it will bring any trophies with it?

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