Sony To Bring Back An Old Franchise Tonight – Possibly Crash Bandicoot?

Watch this space.

It’s all heating up, the PS4 is out in the US in around about fourteen hours, and in just under thirteen hours from now they’ll be holding a PlayStation All Access show on Spike TV, revealing more PlayStation exclusives as the system launches.

According to a poster on Reddit, Kevin Pereira of the Deathsquad podcast leaked some info that Sony will be bringing back one of their biggest exclusives, and it has something to do with space.

It could be a new Colony Wars, but people are suggesting everything from Crash Bandicoot in space, to Uncharted in space or – perhaps more likely – PaRappa in space, as rumours point to a revival of that series. Maybe it’s Warhawk 2. In space. Oh wait, they already did that and it was somewhat disappointing.

Ignoring the “space” comments for a second, a keen-eyed NeoGAF user has spotted something really interesting from the PS4 launch trailer – a sign which appears to show Crash Bandicoot, with an arrow pointing to the Sony Computer Entertainment logo, off to the side of the video just after the 45 second mark. Could this mean that they’ve reacquired the Crash IP?


Speculate in the comments below – you’ve got a good twelve hours and 35 minutes to go.


  1. Show me potato salad…..I mean twisted metal

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