Valve To Show Virtual Reality Tech At Steam Developer Days

Valve are putting money into Virtual Reality gear and now have a piece of hardware that will be demoed at the Steam Developer Days in January, during a developer session titled ‘What VR  Could, Should & Almost Certainly Will Be Within Two Years’.

The blurb for the session states that Valve have found what things affordable VR sets will be able to do in two years time. This session will be followed by another session called ‘Virtual Reality & Steam,’ where Valve will talk about how the technology will be supported on the platform and how to promote games using the technology.


At the moment Oculus Rift is the main contender in the VR space, so it will be interesting to see what Valve have created to compete.

Source: Steam Dev Days 



  1. People have been talking about VR for the past couple of decades or so but it’s looking like it could be just around the corner, at last.

  2. This will certainly be interesting. Oculus have stated that they have been given a demonstration of Valve’s prototype and learnt a lot from it. With that sort of collaboration it seems less likely that Valve will release theirs to market. Perhaps some sort of joint venture with Oculus

  3. Just curious, has anyone here used the Oculus Rift? I’m interested on how well the VR tech in the device is.

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