PlayStation Store Update: 20/11/13 – Contrast, Need For Speed And Tearaway

Ah, Tearaway’s almost out. Media Molecule’s brilliant (9/10 in our review) and creative PS Vita-focused platformer will release on the store this Friday, though it’s available to pre-order from the Store for under £20 right now.


That’s not the only treat that you’ll find in today’s PlayStation Store update, as there’s plenty of PS3 games on offer including Blood Knights or Contrast for £11.99, though you might want to wait for the latter if you’re planning on taking out a PS Plus subscription with your PS4, as you’ll get it for free. There’s Furmins for £5.49 and Stick it to the Man – which we scored 8/10 – for £9.99.

From Friday, more PS3 and PS Vita games will become available, including Need for Speed Rivals for £59.99, Ben 10 Omniverse 2 for £34.99 and Saint Seya Brave Soldiers for £44.99. On the Vita side of things, as well as Tearaway for £19.99, there’s the PS Vita release of The Amazing Spider-Man for £34.99.

There’s also DLC, with Assassin’s Creed IV receiving a Crusader & Florentine Pack for £1.59, Need for Speed with a “cheat” Time Saver pack for the ridiculous £7.00 and The Last of Us receiving a £7.29 hat pack, which is free with the season pass. No game is safe from stupidly priced DLC, it seems.

Finally, there’s some ridiculous sales – Beat Hazard Ultra and ibb & obb, which are both great games, are now down to the low price of £2.36 and £3.19 respectively.

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  1. The last one before Ps4 gets fully put in updates I should imagine.

  2. £7.29 “hat” DLC, WTF!?! I bought the Season Pass so at least I’ll get it for free.

    Good to see Tearaway is nicely priced on the Store, although I’ve got the cartridge copy arriving soon.

    I tried the ibb & obb demo the other day. Although it’s cheap, playing it solo isn’t great, it can be a bit of a head-fuck.

    Stick it to the Man looked interesting, but I have so much to play already, especially as I’ll be picking up EA’s latest generic Need for Speed for a bargain £60. Not.

    • Oh, and I’ll be grabbing the Sound Shapes DLC…assuming both packs are out today (does anyone know)?

    • Let us know if that Hat Pack is worth the money…. I’m skeptical!

      • Turns out it’s not free for season pass holders, so I won’t be buying it. There appears to be about 8 hats, so at £1 each they can fuck off.

        On a side not, there was no sign of the Sound Shapes DLC :(

  3. NFS: Rivals for £59.99 Bargain…. Not!

  4. I was on the store earlier and noticed there is also Ridge Racer Driftopia, which seems to be free-to-play.

    • Finally!

      Not that it’s that good or anything. It’s mildly entertaining, and at a suitable price.

      It’s just I accidentally earned some trophies while it was in beta. So for the past couple of months, syncing trophies has been taking forever. Presumably it keeps trying to sync trophies for a game the servers have no idea about, rather than just silently failing. Now the trophies are there, it takes a more sensible time.

      • If the beta is anything to go by you’ll be spending a lot of £s on car repair tickets, especially when playing online.

      • Yes, the car handling is weird. They seem to have 2 speeds (slow and “hitting a wall head first”).

        And then they explode for no obvious reason. You can flip the car over, roll it a dozen times, and drive off. Or you can hit some dust and explode.

        Obviously they need to make money, somehow. And presumably enough people are going to be stupid enough to buy repair kits with real money, instead of waiting or earning them.

        It’s quite fun, but if I can’t race because my car might randomly explode and I’m out of repair kits, I’d probably just ignore it for a bit and see if it gives me some more for free later.

      • Ok, where did you people find this on the store? As i looked for it last night & could not find a trace of it.

        Even searched & no results, so what was i doing wrong?

  5. That’s a lot of money for Spider Man. May have to wait for a sale / lottery win / bank robbery opportunity

    • I wouldn’t recommend the bank robbery. There’s not many pandas in Britain so they won’t have to look very far.

      • Especially not Sexual Harassment Pandas.

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