Gran Turismo 7 Planned For PS4 Next Year, Creator Confirms

Speaking to Top GearGran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo is planned, and that they don’t want to take too long developing the game.

This means, in a best case scenario, that the game will arrive next year. While Gran Turismo 6 development was tough, he expects Gran Turismo 7 to get out the door much quicker, as “the PS4’s hardware is much better”, which means the overall quality will be boosted.

He also noted that he “respects” the competition, namely Forza: “The racing genre isn’t really that big in its entirety, so I’m glad that everyone works hard to boost the genre as a whole.”

It’s not a great way to market Gran Turismo 6, but it’s exciting that we’ll see the next generation of the racing simulation on PS4 so soon, particularly after the lengthy delays of the first PS3 title, Gran Turismo 5.

Source: Top Gear UK



  1. Good news that & whilst I’ll be getting 6 & having fun with that, it’s something to look forward too :)

  2. Gran Turismo 7 Prologue then next year.

  3. I was expecting an announcement saying GT7 will be released on PS4 sometime next year but thought it wouldn’t until the PS4’s release in Japan.
    I’m cancelling my pre-order for GT6 as I’ve got two games pre-ordered for PS4 and there’s the PS+ stuff too.

    • That’s a shame. Perhaps once the game is out, the reviews are in and you have a play, this might change ;)

      Plus, this is Polyphony…they’re so far into the future in Japan, “next year” probably means 2016!

  4. Another way of looking at it is GT7 is on schedule whilst GT6 and GT5 were delayed. I swear it took forever for GT5 to come out.

  5. GT7 on PS4 – I’ll be first to open the book and plump for a release date of Q3 2016.

    • Haha. My thoughts exactly!!

    • The PS4 is a lot easier to develop for so I’ll say Q2 2016!

  6. ‘It’s not a great way to market Gran Turismo 6…’ Definitely not, I’d expect this could affect sales considerably, but on the other hand, it might be a system seller for the PS4. I’ll skip 6 and wait for 7.

  7. Great news. Presumably 6 was some kind of developmental stepping stone then, otherwise I can’t see the point of it. Late next year seems shockingly soon, I hope it’s a well finished game that doesn’t need large regular patches.

  8. They need to get something out as Forza will pretty much be the benchmark for a while. I will be surprised if they manage to get it out next year though. Hopefully it wont be as awful as the launch of GT 5 was.

    • I think Polyphony D will be leaving it for Driveclub to fight it out with Forza, the latter being the winner in my opinion and abstaining until 2015.

      • Agreed. DriveClub looks to be a closer game to Forza anyway. It could be argued that GT is it’s own thing.

  9. GT6 next gen now ruled out then finally. Cool, I’ll be getting GT6 for PS3 and have an optimistic outlook for a 2015 release of GT7 on PS4…next year seems too early!

    • See you online in GT6!

      • Absolutely mate, hopefully using some ingenious user generated tracks too!! ;)

  10. Think I’ll stick to Driveclub, the last GT bored the hell out of me. I’ve had more fun driving a kids stationary coin operated Noddy car ride. Admittingly I was half cut, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

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