Sony: The Price Of PS4 Games On PSN Will Be “Adjusted” Before Launch

The price of PSN downloads for PlayStation 4s big launch titles has been criticised by many since their reveal last week. EA discounted some of their titles a few days ago and Sony have now confirmed that the price of those and other games may be adjusted ahead of Friday’s launch.

EA’s PS4 games were originally listed at a staggering £62,99, later reduced to £59.99 – currently still five pounds more than the same games on Xbox One’s store.

“Although PS4 launches in Europe on the 29th November, we have switched on the European PSN early,” Sony told EuroGamer. “However, as PS4 and PSN have not yet officially launched in this region, nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store. You will continue to see some prices adjusted over the next few days in preparation for launch on Friday.”

Good news all round, and those who’ve already pre-ordered need not worry either, as in those cases Sony have promised to refund the difference.

UPDATE: The price of EA titles has indeed been changed and is now in line with the price of digital purchases on Xbox One.


Source: EuroGamer.



  1. Translation : OK you guys got us! We will ensure the price shown is identical to the full RRP that no retail is actually going to charge :D

  2. The prices do need to come down, thery’re way to high at the moment.

  3. Nobody can afford the prices online. Click amazon buy disc next day delivery will still be cheaper and prob get it posted before the download/install completes

    • Yup. Although someone somewhere must buy games as downloads for the high prices for PS3 currently, otherwise the publishers wouldn’t have though that it was a good idea….strange.

      • Well FIFA was one of most sold PSN Games despite being over £50 all the time.

  4. There is ZERO resale value in a digital title though imo they should be around £39.99 MAXIMUM. Ideally £30-35 <- thats the price point where I wouldn't feel i'm being ripped off.

    Amazon are listing NFS at £44.99 atm, I'm tempted but I've got enough to be playing with Killzone, Resogun, Mario 3d and Tearaway!

  5. Could someone please correct me…isn’t there some strange prohibited EU law regarding charging RRP as a download. Or something? Or have I made that up?

    • I think it might be the other way around…. you can’t be seen to favour one retailer or another…. being a ‘Sony’ store they allow publishers to set prices as they see fit, they can’t as the ‘store’ alter that without it being a specific sale. Essentially if Sony makes the digital versions £10 cheaper for instance, other retailers can start getting annoyed about it, as they see it being Sony store selling playstation games as abusing their position as both seller and supplier.

      Sony should sell the digital versions of their game at their RRP, but the fact that it’s digital makes it a different product (with a different set of costs , i.e. no physical distribution costs) so there should be wiggle room wrt to prices. Other publishers set their own prices.

    • I think that if Sony colluded with publishers to make digital prices much cheaper than physical copies it could open the door to allegations of price fixing and undercutting by other retailers….. it all seems a bit murky to be honest.

      • A lot of that would depend on who is actually selling it. Is it Sony that is selling it or is it EA that is selling it via a Sony provided platform? I don’t know the answer, but that would have a huge bearing on what would be considered price fixing or price manipulation.

      • yeah it’s a bit of a can of worms, but the key thing is price parity between PS4 and XB1. It will, however be interesting to see if the Amazon digital marketplace allows these prices to be relaxed on the official stores, simply because having competition allows that to happen.

  6. Digital downloads are never gonna be adopted while they still price like this. They have to find a way to be at least as cheap as retail copies.

    • Yeah I could never justify that price for digital downloads to myself, but as it was pointed out to me a few days ago many people game share so its actually cheaper for them to go digital even at those prices.

  7. When they say adjusted, i hope they mean halved.

  8. While I’m not expecting to pricing on the level of Steam for the PC (because of Sony/MS taking a cut of the sales), I would at least expect it to match Amazon prices.. Do that, and they’ve got me as a buyer, otherwise what’s in it for me?

    • The funny thing about Steam, is that outside of sales, games are still often cheaper from AMazon as physical disks than they are on Steam – SKyrim was still £39.99 on Steam when I got the physical disk (with Steam key) for £19.99 about six months after release, and I believe the £39.99 steam download price stood until last December

      • That is true, but my comparison is more to do with the PC price vs the console price. While I don’t expect a PS4 game from PSN to cost the same as the PC version, I would expect it to cost the same as a PS4 game from Amazon.

        It occurs to me I’m talking more about PC games in general rather than Steam specifically, but as I don’t buy non-steam games, I tend to unconsciously mix the two. ;)

    • Steam’s wonderful. They still take a cut, though. Most believe it to be similar to Apple’s cut with apps on iTunes. So, around 30%.

      • Ah, I didn’t know that.. Yet they are still on average about £10 cheaper than their console equivalents.

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