PS4: Gaikai Streaming To Launch In 2015

Sony’s partnership with streaming powerhouse Gaikai has slipped under the radar as of late. Earlier this year the console manufacturer announced that full-game streaming would arrive on PlayStation 4, whipping up a euphoric buzz among gamers.

With no backwards compatibility, Gaikai’s streaming service is to step in as a digital substitute, allowing users to play their favourite PS3 titles via an online connection. Sony acquired the company for $380 million back in 2012 and has said the service may even be extended to PlayStation Vita.

Now, we were well aware that Gaikai wouldn’t make it for the PS4’s launch. However, according to inside sources, the streaming tech won’t be available to European gamers until 2015.

Eurogamer reports that testing will be carried out early next year with a US launch planned for Q3 before spreading to the UK. According to Sony’s Andrew House, the company is “very much on track” to hit that time frame.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Gaikai and how the service will operate next year.



  1. I wonder if I would be able to play my “physical/disc based” PS3 games with Gaikai.

    • Hoping for PS3 disc recognition (a la PS3 disc upgrade to PS4 digital). If this then allows users to be able to play their existing collection this way by streaming once authorised (and having the original disc in whilst streaming)it may become an acceptable way for backwards compatibility.

      However, it may be more than likely another way for Sony to charge us for games that we already own which would be a shame and a missed opportunity.

      • Agree, I can understand that the feature is highly possible to be a part of PS+, but I really hope I won’t have to pay anything more than that for the backwards compatibility. It would be a major let down by SONY.

      • When I spoke to a Sony rep they said it would be a netflix style service. One price per month and access to everything

  2. I hope to finish my PS3 backlog over the next 12 months so by the time this service is released in 2015, I can’t really see me wanting to go back to PS3 games via PS4. However, on Vita it would be pretty cool. Carrying over game-saves would be something I’d want though.

    • I was half-thinking, fella. Surely by then (2015) most people will either have caught up or simply won’t be interested as the PS4 library of games will be a delight to plough through.

      Saying that… streaming can be done for anything so there’s other opportunities with this.

      • Yeah, my thoughts exactly. There are a few games that I’d like to re-visit for multiplayer but as time goes on, there is more chance that servers for PS3 games get closed down.

        The thought of being able to stream games such as TLoU or GTA5 to Vita appeals a lot though!

  3. Ok, so in 1 year i have to upgrade my internet connection :)

  4. I was told by a Sony rep a couple of weeks ago it would be summer in the UK/Europe and the US earlier.

    • Should clarify that they were talking 2014

  5. Shame it’s such a long way off – looks like I’ll be keeping that PS3 hooked up for a while!

  6. It’s strange, and as much as I think this will be welcomed, between lack lustre internet for some, and PS+ feeding us games, I currently have no wish to get rid of my PS3 and thus am quite happy for them to take the time to get Gaikai streaming right, rather than rush it out of the door.

  7. I’m not that interested in streaming games i already have installed locally on my PS3, which i’m keeping, but i’m guessing we’ll have to wait for the ‘take over a friend’s game’ feature until then too as it’s all reliant on Gaikai and the internet infrastructure.

  8. As I still have my PS3 and my Internet connection is somewhat dodgy at the best of times so I’m not really interested in streaming games via Gaikai.
    Another reason being that by 2015, I’ll have probably played every PS3 game that I fancied.

  9. Not perfect but I’m planning to keep my PS3 until Christmas next year so I can play Dark Souls II.

    I was so happy with my PS3 until this last weekend but after using the PS4 and the new controller if feels so old…

  10. I’m not even sure I’d ever want to play most of the PS3’s library again, I’ve played most of the exclusives and right now I can just go and play a few multi-plat games on the PC… which is spread across multiple generations of consoles. So 2015 isn’t so bad, feels a lil long however. heh.

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