Sony Sells 2.1 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Worldwide

We know the North American PS4 launch was phenomenally successful. Yesterday we heard that Sony’s new hardware had done exceptionally well in the UK. Today, the PlayStation Blog has updated everyone on the global picture and it’s looking very good indeed for the next generation of PlayStation.

2.1 million global sales since November 15th’s North American release date is a record breaking number. The million sales in North America on launch day mean that PS4 has a good start on that side of the Atlantic but a further 1.1 million in the rest of the world demonstrates the broad appeal of PlayStation’s brand of console gaming. It also, I think, demonstrates the thirst for new hardware and the eagerness with which we consumers will support innovation.


That’s all good news because Sony is pledging to continue adding features and services to the PS4 over the coming months.

More consoles sold isn’t just good news for Sony, they’ll get enough reward in the form of piles of lovely cash, it’s good news for us too. More units under people’s televisions means more potential customers for a game and that makes it more likely someone will fund that game’s development – so we all win.

This, together with the strong sales of the Xbox One and the fantastic end-of-year line up Nintendo’s slow-starting Wii U has, makes for an incredibly healthy games market this Christmas. The future looks exciting.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. £735 million spent on just the PS4 console so far. Not a bad figure for 2 weeks sales.

    • Lol, the first thing I did was calculate how much money that equates to too :-D

  2. And there’s still Japan to come as well. Good work

  3. Do we have xbox one figures to compare?

    • Wasn’t it roughly half that?

      • Sorta.
        Xb sold 1mil, but that was launching in 13 countries at the same time
        Ps 2.1 mil but with a staggered launch over more countries.
        So there’s not really a like-for-like available to compare launches.

        Although on the other hand you could say the Xb sold the same in 13 countries that the Ps sold in 2.
        But quite frankly it’s all academic now, the true test is when consoles are freely available to buy for anyone walking into a store.

  4. Congrats Sony!! Well Deserved, and still enough for people who have a faulty one to get a replacement next day. The CS they provide has been excellent, plus they created a blistering backpack powerhouse i can take with me.

  5. It’s great I’m going to be playing with a lot more people than I really expected. :-D

  6. So much for consoles being a dying platform.
    It’s a fantastic start and i hope they can keep the momentum going.

  7. Amazing. And great to see both new traditional console doing well, despite some big words from the backers of the alternative consoles this year. Hopefully Sony can turn the fortunes of the Vita now!

  8. Great sales figures for both consoles. I truly believe that Sony would’ve sold 3 or 4 million if the stock had been available.

    The only people that thought consoles were dead were idiots that think 5 minutes with Angry Birds is an acceptable daily chunk of gaming.

    We are hardcore. You cannot stop us!

    • Your forgetting the 10 minutes spent daily on Candy Crush

  9. Congrats to all at Sony for producing a record breaking console.
    I think their target of 5 million sold before fiscal year end will be easily beaten.

  10. Awesome figures for both consoles. While everyone has opinions on which is the better console, I think the pricing still had a massive effect on people’s decisions.

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