DUST 514 Updated To Uprising 1.7

The team behind DUST 514 are constantly beavering away at the next update to the game, and Uprising 1.7 is the latest of these incremental improvements and updates. Once again, it sounds like quite a healthy release, taking on board a few key areas of community feedback, and working to make the game better.

This time around there are a handful of new weapons to choose from, with the Minmatar Combat Rifle adding another medium ranged option to your arsenal, while the Caldari Rail Rifle is set for long distance sniping.


More noticeable should be the vehicle overhaul, which was previously pushed back from an earlier update, and now sees adjusted physics and handling so that all vehicles should be more interesting and fun to drive. In particular the Heavy Armoured Vehicles has been altered to be more nimble, a bit faster, and withstand the elements better. This combines with improvements to turret aim assist and to viewing distances, and also locking vehicle to their owner and squad for a small amount of time after they are delivered, so that some random fellow can’t just hop in and drive off with your new ride!

The factional links between DUST 514 and EVE Online have also been strengthened, but for me the most interesting sounding update is a new volcanic mood. It’s an odd turn of phrase, but will make maps look more interesting an diverse, as the mercenaries battle with volcanos going off in the distance, hurling out magma, and ashen clouds into the sky, which rain debris on the battlefield.


Sounds and looks very atmospheric!

As always, you can head over to the DUST 514 site, and check out their blog for the nitty gritty details of the new weapons, vehicles and more.



  1. It’s a shame what’s happened to this game. I respect their approach and the fact they were happy to take a risk by when I first heard of it, it sounded excellent. I played a few games and thought “meh”. I’m pretty sure if they’d actually finished the game then released it via traditional methods it would have done a whole lot better.

    • Totally agree. It would take something really special to bring me back to this.

  2. I found this okay in beta stages but then got bored of it and they didn’t release that Vita app that they said they would do.

  3. Just re-downloaded this last night. Think it’s worthy of another look.

  4. Are they bringing this to PS4 at all? Might give it another go if they did. Although having said that I’m enjoying Blacklight at the moment.

    • You are better off trying out Planetside 2 when that comes out.

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