Kinect Star Wars Developer Terminal Reality Has Shut Down

It seems like every couple of weeks we’re reporting on another shut down for a studio or business, and this week is no different as it appears Terminal Reality has ceased developing and closed.

The story comes from former employee Jesse Sosa who wrote on Facebook about the shut down and his own feelings.


“I left there when I saw things going downhill but I have always kept up with them and hoped for the best. Now that they’re gone, I’m just kind of feeling nostalgic it seems.”

The developer created games such as BloodRayne, Ghostbusters, Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, and Kinect Star Wars. We hope all those affected manage to find employment elsewhere soon.

Source: MCV



  1. ah, shame. Kinect Star Wars, we’ll always have the Rancor stomping game mode <3

  2. Ghostbusters was actually a pretty decent game.

    I can’t say I’ll miss ‘I’m Han Solo’ though…

    • Agreed, really enjoyed that on the 360

  3. While it is always sad to see people losing jobs, they had been producing mediocre work for years judging by that list of games.

  4. Ghostbusters was a great game but its a pity that Terminal Reality’s next games weren’t as good.

  5. Ghostbusters was terrible on the PS3.
    Walking Dead was horrendous
    Kinect Star Wars … kinect … lol

    Always terrible seeing people lose their jobs, especially just before Xmas … however their game credits leave a lot to be desired.
    Strikes me they thought they could release shit games piggybacking on well known and well loved franchises and pull it off.

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