Remote Play Over The Internet – Playing The PS4 At Work

Back in the day I managed, after an awful lot of fiddling, to hook my PlayStation 3 up to my PSP for about two minutes whilst at home and it barely worked. It was a bit useless to be honest, there were very few games to play so all you could do was fiddle about on the XMB.

In his initial overview of the features, Blair could not get the PS4 and PS Vita Remote Play to work over the internet, so I was not holding out much hope that I would get any response from the system, considering that I was at work and the public WiFi here is rather slow. I had already synced up my Vita with my PlayStation 4 on launch day and I knew its big brother was in standby mode at home, but even so I didn’t expect it to work.

Nevertheless I turned on the Vita, tapped the PS4 Link icon and selected Remote Play. The Vita then spent about 30 seconds looking for my PS4 on the local network and obviously failed to find it, so went off to search the internet, the screen helpfully explaining this may take a few minutes.

Thirty seconds later the screen changed, and there was my PS4. It had worked! No fuss, no hassle, click a few icons and there was the new PS4 UI in glorious blue. I will admit to being utterly amazed when I realised that it had worked, Remote Play is one of those things that seems like a good idea that never works in practise, but it had.

It was time to try some games, so I clicked over to Resogun and within seconds of it loading up, the title screen was in front of me and the music was playing. There seemed to be a small amount of lag on the controls but as I mentioned earlier, I was running on a rather useless WiFi connection. The graphics occasionally glitched but again I put this down to a dodgy internet connection in the office (I run 100mb fibre optic at home, so it’s not that).


I have since tested Flower, Killzone single player and multiplayer, Contrast, DC Universe Online and Warframe on my Vita over the internet and they all worked. Killzone multiplayer was the worst in terms of graphical glitches and lag, probably because the PS4 is uploading data to the servers as well as trying to stream, so I spent most of time as a sniper but it was just about playable.

You probably won’t be able to play games – or at least not as well – that require split second decisions such as Need For Speed via Remote Play, but for slower paced games such as Contrast or Flower the tech works perfectly (including the Vita tilt controls mapping for those in a DualShock 4 in Flower), and the important thing to remember is this tech works now, today. So, in a couple of years from now, broadband speeds should have increased further and the graphical hiccups should vanish completely.

The only problem I can see is I that I still prefer to buy disc versions of games and obviously while you are miles away from the PS4 you cannot change discs. I shall be giving the Remote Play a through testing over Christmas whilst back at the folks, and if it works well then I may just have to start buying digital copies of games.

Have you had any luck with Remote Play over the internet?



  1. Good write up and a good point that this has the potential to be a feature that drives the purchase of download versions of full games.

  2. I’ve not had success with it over the internet, because where I work the internet is archaic, however, remote play from bed… Fantastic.

    • “remote play from bed… Fantastic.” Something about that statement just sounds weird.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been looking at getting a Vita just for remote play, but like you Tuffcub, I don’t like buying digital, so I’m still holding off buying. It’s a fantastic way of gaming I just don’t know what to do.

    • Get one. Remote play is great and you’ve got plenty of Plus stuff to play. It’s a no-brainer.

  4. Thats good to know as I’ve been thinking about buying a Vita for ages now mainly so I can use remote play if I’m not busy or I’m bored in the office. Unfortunately our internet connection is awful so I’ll have to wait a bit until BT pull their fingers out of the arse’s and sort out the internet in this area seeming it’s a business park/area with about 100 other companies all with the same issue.
    I did however manage to watch about 10 secs of that vid which just reminded me – in an unrelated subject, the PS4 light glows blue in that video, & like someone else here has stated mine glows white. Is this just how it looks on video?

    • It glows blue when starting up.

      • Oh, ok cheers. I haven’t noticed as it’s not in my line of vision from where I’ve got my monitor placed. I normally start it up with the controller and just wait for the beep. I’m just gonna go hang my head in shame whilst walking to the shop in the stupid rain which is rightly deserved.

      • My first one ONLY glowed blue. When the hardware fails it never goes to white.

  5. Sadly I cannot get mine to work, from work. I guess this is down to my home network and it’s security. I tried removing the “additional security” under the uPnP settings as per some instructions I received, but still no joy. Perhaps I need to adjust the Firewall or open Ports? If anyone can offer any advise I would be grateful? I have the latest BT HomeHub.

    • Youles, I found this yesterday as was wanting my vita too much Give you ports to forward and such.

      • Thanks mate. My router does support uPnP so (apparently) I shouldn’t need to open the Ports, but I guess I could try anyway. I’ll use the ports from that link, thanks! :)

      • Youles, router would normally be or in your web browser :)

      • Thanks – will need to try that on my phone as my PC is on the network ;)

      • Youles, try putting your PS4 in your DMZ, and you won’t need to forward ports. By default, being in the DMZ means all ports are forwarded to the PS4, unless otherwise specified in the router settings.

    • If your connecting through work firewall then ports are probably not open. Fortunately, I’m the firewall admin here so could add them.

      • Thanks for the tip – I guess the work Wi-Fi/router could be the problem. Not being very knowledgeable, I just assumed it would be my home router. I’ll try it at a mates house and see, then at least perhaps I can determine which router is causing the problem! :)

        I wonder how I can access the router options…

    • On the BT home hub you need to make sure you assign the PS4 a static IP Address, otherwise port forwarding doesn’t work.

  6. I want a vita so bad, I would love to be able to play whilst the Mrs is watching a terrible show on TV or whilst im on my night shifts during the quiet times.

    I miss the days when i had cash to buy one :( thought the PS4 would be a wiser choice than a vita, if anyone wants to donate, send my way :) HA

  7. I got mine to work in Home but it’s quite laggy. I need to wire my Ps4 up I as my ‘superhub’ is quite rubbish I think. Also when I do it from work I’ll be doing via 4g, the only place I get 4g atm. I can’t write it up now as Xmas tree just gone above router.

  8. Works great at work for me. My work router had issues so I tethered it to my 4G phone, which thankfully has unlimited Internet. Worked great, use it for Assassin’s Creed 4 which doesn’t seem to be affected the lag, has perfectly acceptable touch screen and rear touch pad controls, and seems fitting on the Vita after Liberation.

  9. This works fine around the house. I`ll look forward to trying it in a few places on the internet over Crimbo. Dad’s is just a few miles away, then mums is about 40 miles away, so it should be a good test.

  10. I’ve had mine working when in the same room but that’s about it. Even when upstairs I can connect but it drops out after a couple of seconds. I’m starting to wonder whether my home hub’s wifi is good enough. I can stream video around my house ok so I’m a little puzzled when I can’t get a decent connection.

    Outside of my house it never finds my PS4.

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