Gran Turismo 6 Patch Brings The Red Bull X Challenge And More

One thing that concerned me, when playing Gran Turismo 6, was a distinct lack of Special Events to make the best use of the wide variety of cars and disciplines that the game could potentially cover. It was only on vague promises of more content that I pinned my hopes, and already Polyphony are delivering on this.

Today sees the 1.02 patch released, coming in at a bit over 1GB, and this adds the latest installments of the Red Bull collaboration that started with GT5. This patch adds access to the first two events of the Red Bull X Challenge Special Event, featuring a Red Bull Kart and the Red Bull X2014 Junior, with the ‘Standard’ and ‘Fan’ cars to be unlocked in the future.



1.02 also addresses concerns about the in-game economy, with the return of the consecutive login bonus and Career Mode winnings increased, to help people be able to afford those cars they want just that little bit quicker.

You will now only need the National B license in order to take part in the Seasonal Events, and there will also be extra events that rewards cars as prizes. On top of this, the Seasonal Events themselves are getting new entries, that add a few more challenges for you to test yourself against and more interesting opportunities to earn cash than just grinding away in the career!

Finally, if you took part in GT Academy 2013, you will receive a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 as a gift.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Now this sounds like a good event

  2. Mini meet tonight to test out GTs very own junior formula car?

  3. I always expected such support for GT6, that was made very clear. I just simply wasn’t expecting so much so soon! Superb service, lest us not forget that GT5 has been supported for 3 years now.

    • Yup, great support and regardless of selling those quick fix credits on the store they are still looking after people that want to progress the game through normal channels that earn in game minimum-wage! :P
      Actually with he 170% upgrade to Super class events, that should make the nurby 24 minute race worth around $400,000 now for the win!….oh yes!
      Cracking update patch.

      • Doh! I meant $300,000… carried away!

  4. They should add the Red Bull Pikes Peak challenge!

    … for anyone that’s not seen this…

    ^ INSANE skill by Loeb :o

    • That was absolutely incredible, thanks for posting that! I’ve never seen driving as mentally on the edge as that, Loeb is a nutcase! Makes me want to crack out Gran Turismo 2 for some Escudo action.

      • :D

        Some good pictures of the 208 he used for the run.

        “Loeb’s average speed of 87.471 over the 12.72-mile course” …. as you said, the man is a nutcase (and incredibly talented one!). Been lucky enough to see him a few times at Rally GB, but I don’t know if I fancy being one of the spectators on that course, reminded me of something out the 70’s where they stand in the road lol.

    • Loeb is down as a voice actor for the game along with Vettel so expect him to appear at some point.

      • Oooh, now this is an interesting tit-bit! Could be Pikes Peak, WRC, FIA GT as he did all in 2013, or even WTCC in 2014. Either way, I hope something appears in GT6!

    • I remember watching this “live”. I place the word in quotes as it was some of the most shockingly bad coverage of live motorsport ever. Thanks for the link, fella. Much appreciated.

  5. Didn’t know about the free GTR :) this patch also closes a few glitches including the credit one.

  6. When is Mario Andretti’s car available? I know that the actual car has been built so I’m expecting it as part of this patch too?

    • Aha, I’ve just seen that it arrives tomorrow, this Thursday. Yet more content!

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