Nintendo Bringing NES Remix To Wii U Today

Nintendo will bring remixed and reimagined versions of famous NES games to Wii U in one package. Titled NES Remix, they promise to shake up these titles with new gameplay.


It’s an interesting idea, and certainly different from the influx of HD remakes have seen (not that Nintendo haven’t done those). It will feature 12 games, though it doesn’t appear to be full versions of the titles.

It will feature Super Mario, Donkey Kong and more and will focus on achievement-like challenges within the games. It will be available later today.



  1. Hum, kinda reminds me of Wario Ware with its short challenges. Like you say an interesting concept. Wonder how much it’ll be? As with the PS4 store, the full title releases on WiiU’s “e-store” are stupidly high and makes buying physical media WAY more appealing.

    When will these companies look @ their digital pricing?!

    • I agree,And they can’t use the excuse of trying to keep the bricks and mortar outlets sweet, when it is exclusive digital games.

  2. I will be getting this for sure!

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