NES Remix 2 And Game Boy Advance Titles Confirmed For Wii U Release

NES Remix was quite a success, taking games from the NES back catalogue and twisting the stages across classic scenes. A novel idea, and one which seemed to pay off, bringing fresh gameplay to older games.

It’ll be available from April 25th on the Wii U eShop. We reviewed the first NES Remix game and scored it 5/10, due to some challenges letting the overall experience down. Still, let’s hope they can improve on this with the second title.


It will also feature a full game, Super Luigi Brothers, a fully remixed version of the original Mario Bros., which stars Luigi. It seems his year isn’t over just yet.

Nintendo also announced that Game Boy Advance games such as Metroid Fusion, Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga, Yoshi’s Island 3 will be heading to the Wii U eShop, which should make for some great gameplay with the GamePad. These will be available in the coming months, with more games to follow.


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