Win One Of Two Defiance Collector’s Editions

As we told you a couple of days ago, the world of Defiance lives on, while the TV series has barely even started to build up to its second season. The Arkbreaker DLC brings with it a new story line, new missions, new weapons and abilities, and gigantic new enemies.

It’s also coming out today in the EU, which is something we are only now able to confirm, meaning that 360, PS3 and PC are all on level terms once more. If you have the game already, the Arkbreaker DLC is available for £6.99 separately or as part of the season pass.

If you don’t have the game though, or just fancy getting your hands on some cool swag, we’re lucky enough to have two of the great big Defiance PS3 Collector’s Edition boxes to give away!

Inside, you’ll obviously get the PS3 game disc, but this sits alongsides an art book, the soundtrack, DEFI stickers, some postcards and a mocked up VBI contract. Oh, and I nearly forgot the Hellbug figurine, which will look lovely on any mantlepiece.

There’s also some digital goodies, with an Ark Hunter Infiltrator outfit, a Hydra Rocket Launcher, a fancy in-game title, bonus items and abilities, and some 7-day boosters to your XP and Scrip.


All you have to do to enter is pop a comment below, nothing more, nothing less. If you really want to though, you can day dream a little and tell us how you’d like to see the TV and video game cross over in the future. For an additional entry, you can also go via twitter, tweeting at @thesixthaxis along with the hashtag #TSADefiance.

The competition is open to the UK only, with entries closing on December 23rd at 23:00 GMT. We’ll then be drawing our two winners at random, and announcing the next day.



  1. I haven’t seen or played defiance yet but the whole setup does intrigue me

  2. I’d like the show to give us a longer glimpse of the battles going on elsewhere as most of the show seems very far away from the big battlefields. The end of Season 1 suggests this might happen, but it’s unclear whether the show’s budget will allow it.

  3. Why the hell not? In.

  4. A Thundercats game! Hooooooooo!

  5. Reasonably fun game? Hideous hellbug to scare nieces and nephews? Soundtrack by the great Bear McCreary? Can this be mine, please?

  6. I’d like to give this one a shot – please TheSantaAxis, empty your sack in my general direction!

    • I read this and could not help laughing. You chose your particular words very much on purpose, right?

      – MjA –

    • Teflon sent me, where do you live?

  7. In

  8. I’ve got stacks of Defiance recorded, ready to watch, need to get around to that. A Defiance based prize would be good motivation, thanks!

  9. I have a comment here just to put a comment inside a comment !

  10. I think that whilst the show is on, the events that happen in it should also take place in the game universe. Or if that’s too much to ask for, at least have time-locked quests/events which occur once a particular episode has aired.

    – MjA –

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