TSA Game Of The Year 2013 – Role Playing Game or Action RPG

Who doesn’t love a good RPG? In recent years, I’ve personally enjoyed the more action oriented sub-genre. Games like Skyrim, Fallout and even the very thin end of the wedge with Borderlands and Dead Island. But there is still plenty to like about traditional RPGs, as our staff vote shows.

In third place, just beating console versions of Diablo III to the spot, was the PlayStation Vita’s Soul Sacrifice. This macabre marauding through the imaginative mind of Librom sees you rescued by a talking book and put to work gaining the skills required to defeat a nefarious old sorcerer (why is it always sorcery?) called Magusar. You must sacrifice parts of yourself – literally – in order to gain new abilities and you can even play portions of the game with three others, choosing one of them to sacrifice entirely.

Taking second place in our ballot was the gorgeous and quirky Ni No Kuni. This game has an art style from Studio Ghibli that’s unlike almost anything else. It’s a beautifully animated tale in which you play as Oliver, a boy who suffers the tragedy of seeing his mother die, cries his doll to life and learns that he is from another world. In this other world, there is a soulmate for each person in Oliver’s world, and it appears that his mother’s soulmate has been captured by an evil wizard (sorcery again!). Oliver and his recently animated doll, Drippy, must set off on an adventure to rescue the captured woman in the hope that it will bring Oliver’s mother back to life.


First place goes to a game that might take a few of you by surprise. This colourful, friendly world plays host to some of the most recognisable characters in videogames and although it’s certainly a game that’s accessible for a younger audience, it’s a surprisingly deep and involving RPG in its own right. This iteration brought with it new mechanics along with old familiar ones and has already gained a firm place in the hearts of many long time series fans.

TSA’s Role Playing Game or Action RPG of 2013 is Pokémon X & Y.



  1. Really Pokemon! I feel like NI No didn’t get the recognition it deserves, I haven’t finished the game myself as it annoys me but regardless it’s a good ass game!

    Good to see soul sacrifice getting the recognition, bring on delta!

  2. Are there any rumours of bringing Ni No Kuni to Vita ?

  3. I adore Ni No Kuni, but the new pokemon games are really good.

  4. X&Y annoyed me with how much hand holding the game had going on, so many great mechanics and the biggest choice of Pokemon per route ever and they go and make it incredibly easy. I feel sorry for kids of today who will never know the struggle of making your way through Rock Tunnel without flash because you didn’t have a clue what to do. It made the games a real journey.

  5. It was most certainly all about Ni No Kuni for me this year, I absolutely adored it.
    I’ve not played a Pokemon since the first one on colour game boy and i didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about

  6. Ni No Kuni for me. An absolutely fantastic, beautiful game!

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