Chillingo Founders Depart Company With EA

Only a few days after it was announced that the Criterion founders, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, were leaving EA it has come to light that two more studio founders are departing. Co-founders of Chillingo, the mobile games publisher, Joe Wee and Chris Byatte have made the decision to end their employment with EA though the reasons are unclear.

Chillingo was purchased by EA for $20 million in 2010, though both Wee and Byatte stayed on to keep the company running. Who knows why various studio heads feel EA isn’t the place to be, and I’m sure we’ll get an update from all parties involved soon enough.


Chillingo is most famous for helping to make Angry Birds and Cut The Rope famous.

Source: MCV


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  1. I would assume that part of the EA buying process is that the main heads have to stay on for a set period in order to “ease the transition”. The period has probably now run out..

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