PS Vita Play Promotion Discounts Digital Delights

Starting with tomorrow’s (January 21st) PlayStation Store update Vita gamers in North America will be able to take advantage of a new promotion Sony are dubbing “PS Vita PLAY”.

The four week sale, which runs through February 17th will see a new PS Vita game released – and discounted by 20% – each week. As an added incentive, anyone who picks up more than one of the four chosen titles will then receive a SEN wallet credit by way of a thank you.

Buy all 4 PS Vita PLAY games, for example, and you’ll see $10 credited back into your PlayStation wallet. 3 titles nets you $6, whereby any 2 games will see a $3 rebate.

The promotion kicks off with Roll7’s OlliOlli at $10.39, with Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z ($31.99), Dustforce ($7.99), and finally TxK ($7.99) following in the coming weeks.

There’s currently no word as to whether this offer – or anything similar – will come to the European PS Store, but today’s announcement atleast gives players this side of the pond a good guess at a price for OlliOlli when it launches this coming Wednesday. We’re expecting the $12.99 US price to equate to £8/£9 Sterling, and hopefully we’ll get a launch-week PS+ discount too. I can’t wait!

Source: US PlayStation Blog.


  1. I think Sony did this last year and it never materialised over this side of the pond. Shame, but at the same time not a massive problem as the January Sale offers were bloody brilliant.

  2. OlliOlli is £7.99, with a Plus discount too.

    • Good to hear!

    • 20% off for plus subscribers according to the studios tweet today :) and yes, that’s UK & EU too

  3. Looking forward to reading TSA’s review of OlliOlli. Hope we see a similar offer over here :/

  4. What’s the release date on TxK?? Really looking forward to seeing what Minter has done with it.

    • 3 weeks tomorrow. The 11th. So hopefully the 12th here.

      And hopefully what Minter has done is “something that melts your eyeballs”. I want a PS3/4 version too. With a huge warning that it’s pretty much 100% guaranteed to cause seizures for everyone who plays it for more than 3 seconds.

      I’d settle for a Vita version releasing on the EU store sometime around the time the US get it though.

      • Thanks for the info ;) As long as the visuals are less obscuring than T3K on the nuon, then I’ll be well happy.

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