Even Miserable Weather Looks Great In Second Son’s New Video

One of the things I picked up on, when I briefly played inFamous Second Son last week, was the way the weather differed from some of the game’s other outings. Instead of the sharp brightness of autumnal sunshine, it was damp and miserable, as the grey clouds hung low over the city and drizzled upon my super-powered battles.

The weather is going to play a big part in Sucker Punch’s recreation of Seattle, and they’ve just released this behind the scenes video showing how they go about creating the look of the game’s dynamic weather, from fog and rain to the way the water changes how streets and buildings look. There’s a remarkable attention to detail, which just adds to the game’s graphical credentials.



  1. Bring on March already!!

  2. I cant wait for this. Looks incredible.

  3. If anyone saw the US version of The Killing, they’ll know it constantly pisses it down in Seattle (apparently!)

  4. It looks magnificent.

  5. This for me will be the first game to truly show what triple A next gen games the PS4 can give to us. And I am really looking forward to it.

  6. Looks stunning, cannot wait.


  8. Bloody hell, that looks fantastic. Wonderful to see the developers tweaking things and us seeing the results in the flesh, as such.

  9. I didn’t enjoy the first two games but even so it’s going to be difficult for me to pass on a game which delivers stonking visuals like that.

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