Tiny Trailer Park: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, Kingdom Hearts III & Lightning Returns: FFXIII

Welcome to a mini tiny trailer park where there are three trailers for you to watch, analyse and enjoy, with the Wolf Among Us, Kingdom Hearts III and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showing us some clips, or in the last one’s case going through a bit of a stroll down memory lane.


We start with a new trailer for Episode 2 of Telltale Games’ Wolf Among Us, which itself is an adaptation of the Fables comic . It’s very moody with a lot of people shouting at each other, as well as a partial clip of cartoon nudity (so probably best not to watch at work).  Bigby is angry and seems to inspire anger in quite a few characters over the murders that are being investigated. Looks pretty interesting, and I may get Wolf Among Us to see what it’s all about.

Next up is a PS4 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III introduced with a montage of the previous games in the series. The gameplay portion shows Sora being chased by a cloud of dark beings with wings who can traverse the level with ease. It looks really good graphically, though we may not be seeing it for a while yet. Don’t get confused with the 22nd February date in the trailer, as that is the PS4’s launch date in Japan and KHIII is not on the launch list.

Finally Square Enix has taken the Final Fantasy XIII games and put them through a process to look like the earlier Final Fantasy games, in an attempt to explain the story so far of XIII’s plot featuring gods and planet destroying. I actually really like this as it brings back my own memories of the older FF titles which were brilliant. It’s about seven minutes long but well worth a watch if you’re a fan of the franchise.

Source: 1/2/3


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  1. I highly recommend The Wolf Among Us, especially if you’re willing to read the back-stories via the in-game collectables. It’s great how they’ve made some of the characters sinister, I find it more interesting than The Walking Dead.

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