Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One While Halo 2 Anniversary In Development

There’s quite a few rumours that have come out over the last day about the Xbox One, all originating from NeoGAF which doesn’t mean anything by itself but some have been partially verified by The Verge and CVG. The big ones that have been apparently verified include the white Xbox One, which is exclusive to Microsoft employees, will be made public later this year, and that a disc-less version of the console with apparently 1TB of storage is being tested.

Games wise there is a rumour that Halo 2 Anniversary will be released winter 2014, accompanied by a live action series and Halo 5 beta access, though it may not reach 60 FPS. These are the apparent verified parts of news though there are quite a few other rumours such as a Titanfall limited edition console, with a mock up below, with a similar pattern to that of the official Titanfall controller revealed a couple of weeks back.

Other rumours include the release of Crackdown 3 and a new Gears releasing in 2016, with very little news for either coming until 2015. Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break will also release around autumn too. It will be interesting to see which of these rumours come true, especially the Titanfall console which would have to be announced fairly soon. The disc-less console would fall in line with Microsoft’s view of the digital future, which was touted during the run up to release.

Obviously until we get official word treat all of this with caution.

Source: The Verge/CVG/MCV



  1. Not so sure MS should be fragmenting their userbase in this manner.

  2. Wouldn’t be keen on disc-less due to the prices and lack of actually “owning” any games. Though as these rumours originated on neogaf I don’t believe them anyway.

  3. Making it Discless would also remove the blueray playback capability… a ludicrous move for a machine trying to be the ‘One’ for your lounge room.

    Still, ludicrous moves seem de rigueur at Microsoft these past few years so nothing would surprise me.

  4. I bet MS would have gone disc-less from the outset if they thought they could get away with it.

  5. If you dropped it on your toe it would be a Titanfall!!! :-)

  6. Hmmm, none of these rumours would be likely to make me actually want to buy an xbone. Even if they all turned out to be true.

  7. no disc drive, but probably still includes Kinect.

    i’ll pass.

    release a kinectless system with that terabtye hard drive, and a disc drive of course, and i might be interested at some point.

    did they not see what happened to the PSP Go?

    they think that because these games on download only smartphones and tablets are doing phenomenal business that they can just make their machine download only and they’ll do the same, but like i said, they don’t charge fifty quid plus on Android or IOS.

    i have developed an appreciation for downloadable titles, there was a time when that would have surprised me.
    but i will never go for a download only machine with full priced titles.

  8. They’ve probably already got several hundred thousand disc-less machines already made which have been sat there since they started making clangers.

  9. A disc-less console would be an interesting move, initially i thought it might be in order to reduce production costs but increasing the hdd size will probably negate any savings they make there. Equally interesting considering they’ve only recently acknowledged that physical media will be here for some time yet.
    I suppose they can always release an add-on Bluray drive later on.. :)

  10. Speaking as an X1 owner, most of these details don’t really interest me. Halo 2 was my least favourite of the series, Sunset Overdrive has a lot to prove after Fuse, Quantum Break seems like a rental and I want to play a new Crackdown now, not 2 years from now.
    That said I would love that Titanfall console (assuming its legit).

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