PS4 Firmware 1.60 Out Tomorrow, Brings A Couple Of Minor Improvements

I love my PlayStation 4, despite the fact that it’s always trying to get me to broadcast my all-too-frequent vocal outbursts to whoever happens to be beating me at FIFA online. The camera is always listening, you see. Tomorrow, that’s going to change.

In the first significant firmware update since the PlayStation 4’s European launch – to Firmware 1.60, one of the main improvements is set to be the ability to mute the microphones in the camera so that my online opponents will no longer have to hear me telling my dog to stop chasing her toys around the room for a minute, I’m trying to bloody listen to this… We might also hear less crap music, fewer domestic arguments and we might even spend considerably less of our time online listening to someone else’s baby crying.


Sony has also confirmed that new headset that we’ve seen cropping up in a few places recently. Firmware 1.60 will add support for that headset and the existing Sony Pulse and original Wireless Stereo ear-warmers.

The new Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 will be available from February 10th and will set you back a fairly reasonable £79.99. In spite of what that thrilling name suggests, it’s not just a stereo headset, but features virtual 7.1 surround sound and a noise cancelling mic so your voice chat should be nice and clear. It works with PS3, PS4, PC and Mac via a USB dongle and will even work with your Vita (in stereo) using the included 3.5mm mini-jack. They fold up too, so they might fit in your bag when they’re not around your head.

There will be downloadable custom set ups for the headset available via a free app coming to the PlayStation Store and in an update to the existing PS3 Pulse management app. Certain new games will have special set ups available and you’ll be able to configure your cans to make the best of those favoured games.

Firmware 1.60 will also add some additional stability improvements but there’s no word of Bluetooth headset support just yet, unfortunately.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Glad I can use my (only 3 months old) Pulse headset with the PS4 now. Getting fed up with that wired one they included that doesn’t seem to be the shape of ANYONES ear.

    • ha ha, it is big, but I actually thought it was pretty good in quality after a while. I even bought the Vita headphones and found them even worse.Perhaps I just have funny shaped ears.

  2. Out of all the things they could update they update stupid head set

    • Well, I guess that’s what people made the most noise about!

    • Agreed, where’s the long promised suspend/resume or the DLNA support, you know something useful.

    • they’d said from the start that this would be their first update – after selling people those Pulse headsets for £100 just a few months ago, they had to make it a priority, I suppose. But the other stuff is coming, just in a later update.
      Except turning the light bar off. I think Yoshida might have said they’re not doing that? All subject to change, of course, such is the wonder of internet-connected consoles!

      • I accept the fact that they have to cater for those who’ve shelled out for kit but I don’t think a plan for adding the things they told me would be on the console (when I pre-ordered it), is too much to ask.

        My PS3 is devaluing by the day but I can’t get rid as the PS4 is only half a console at the moment – and don’t get me started on the piss poor games line up so far.

        That’ll teach me to be an early adopter I suppose, lesson learned.

      • @f4rgo This is exactly how console launches are. That said, there’s not exactly been a wealth of PS3/360 games released since the end of November…

  3. Will the patch support the previous Official PlayStation Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound headset?

    It would be nice to be able to add some kind of order or folders to the apps/games/demos on the XMB on PS4 (or whatever it’s called now). Hopefully that and themes will come at some point, I’ve had about as much blue as I can take.

    • Yeah, and they need to stop trying to make Music/Video Unlimited happen. It’s not going to happen.

    • Yes, the update is adding support for both the Pulse and the original Stereo Headset thing.

    • I think so. It supports the Pulse and the Original PlayStation Stereo headsets. Any Sony headset with a USB dongle, I would think. Hopefully they get around to Bluetooth support soon.
      You can never have too much blue. At least, that’s what I tell my wife.

      • Haha! Forgot about that kind of “blue” ;)

      • Why are your eyebrows waggling?

      • Excellent news! My pulse headphones were getting dusty.

    • Cheers chaps! It will be wonderful to hear me die in Killzone in 7.1 Surround Sound.

  4. Cool stuff, so will my Sony Pulse (not Elite) with the dongle be working now? I really really hope so.

  5. Why don’t we collect a list of “most wanted” features for the PS4? Mine would be “suspend/resume” working and customization of the UI.

    • Logitech g25 support……

      • Logitech G25/G27 support is in Logitech’s hands I think. The PS4 will support it, it’s just down to Logitech providing developers with the compatible drivers.

        For example, at present Driveclub doesn’t support Logitech wheels I don’t think. This isn’t because Sony/Evolution are lazy, it’s because Logitech haven’t given Evolution the compatible drivers to put into the game.

      • Logitech have been pretty good in the past supporting multi-gen and platform. Driving Force GT as a good example with it’s PS2,PS3 and PC support, not sure how that fares with the big boys like the G’s, probably the same.

      • I hope DriveClub supports my Logitech wheel (Driving Force) otherwise I won’t even contemplate buying the game (or playing it if FREE on PSN). I bought PS4 mainly for DriveClub and would be super pissed if that wasn’t the case.

  6. Great. The mic thing is annoying (for the other player presumably).

    • This one feature makes it worth while, now I will not have to keep unplugging my camera or attached a switched off mic to my DS4. Or keep moaning that other people should do the same.

  7. Love my PS4.

    Could I please have:
    Bluetooth Audio to my headset
    3D BluRay Support
    Set Light Bar to off for certain apps (movie playback)
    More voice commands (movie playback)

    • No need for me to add to that list…

      All I wanted was my Original Sony 7.1 set working and 3D blu ray support!

      The missus wants my PS3 shifted so need 3D support!

    • Sorting and searching of trophy lists (comparing is terrible).
      Support for my old Mono wireless (official headset)
      A remote control or support for old remote control.

  8. Hugely glad my Pulse Elites will work now as they make a huge difference to my game playing (I’ve even been playing more PS3 because they work properly on it).

    Will there be a dedicated app for the PS4 like there is on the PS3?

    • Must learn to read properly! There is an app! Happy days!

    • sounds like yes – there should be a PS4 app on the PS Store soon for custom profiles and whatever else it does.

  9. One of the big selling points for the PS4 (at least for me) was the suspend feature, I wonder when that’ll be available?

  10. Will you be reviewing the new headset like you did with the Turtle Beach ones? I would be interested to see what they are like compared to the Pulse headset.

    • From reading the specs, they don’t sound an awful lot different to the Pulse Elite headset.

      I’d like to get a look at them though, I’m tempted to buy some for myself so I’ll review them if I do :)

      • Yea that’s why i’m interested as I don’t see the difference, don’t know why they are releasing another set. I’m looking at getting a PS4 headset so would like to know if they are better or not, hopefully with the release of these the Pulse headset will drop in price a little.

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