What We Played #144: Tomb Raider, Freedom Cry & 10 Second Ninja

If you remember from last week there was something of a rivalry developing around the game Threes! Well this week one of those rivals lays no claim to playing it whilst the other has played a great deal. I’ll leave you to decide what that says about who is still top of the leaderboard…

It’s Stefan who has been playing “Threes! Threes! and some more Threes!” this week. When not trying to topple someone else from their perch in that game he’s played “a fair old bit of” Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. He says that’s “a good bit of fun whether it’s co-op or competitive multiplayer you’re looking for” and laments its likely long absence from Sony platforms.

Dom is the first of a number of us to have been played the recently release Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. In a nutshell, “it’s awesome!” is his opinion and he’s glad he waited until its appearance on PS4. However he does “think that Lara dies in quite a spectacular fashion a bit too often but it’s probably unavoidable when she’s constantly falling off things.”


He’s also played a bit of Need for Speed: Rivals and LEGO: Marvel Superheroes. Of the latter he says that it’s “stupidly long really, with every time I play it barely advancing the % completion. I guess that’s good value for money!”

Our next raider of definitive tombs is DanToo. “Still not a huge fan of the story; it’s so cliché and the other crew members are so bloody annoying. Looked wonderful though, and I’m currently going back through it to collect all the relics and documents. Not that keen about the multiplayer.”

He’s dabbled a bit more with Battlefield 4’s online multiplayer which has left him wondering “if [he’s] bad or if the team [he’s] in is always bad. Always seem to get smashed every conquest match.” The latest store update saw him picking up Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Freedom Cry which he’s “really enjoying” so far.

Rather self-indulgently Blair has been playing his own “game which I’m making for Uni. Over and over again. It’s not really far into development, and very much a prototype but it’s going okay I think.” Where’s the free evaluation copy for all TSA staff and readers Blair? While not playing games for Uni work or watching the “amazing” House of Cards Season 2 he’s played Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and 10 Second Ninja.

Tuffcub rounds out our list this week and is another who has been getting to know the twists and turns of Tooms Tombs. “Lovely touch with the [REDACTED] at the end but I was starting to get bored of platforms, houses and other things which have been on the island for many many years, suddenly blowing/crumbling just as Lara reaches them. Made it feel very game-y.”

Then other than the obligatory Killzone: Shadow Fall he professes to not being sure why he’s been playing Cookie Clicker. “There appears to be no goal apart from get more cookies. I am now generating 1,405,179 cookies per second and it is starting to loose it’s appeal slightly but.. just a few more cookies.” So he’s less a big bear and more a cookie monster this week.

Also played some co-op Lego Marvel Super whatsits with industry tart, Sean Labode. Quite fun for a few hours but we got bored and decided to eat pizza and tease bearzes online instead.

I’ll leave you to make of that what you will whilst you tell us what you’ve been playing this week.



  1. Pokemon Red, along with half the world I think.

  2. With the lack of new games I’ve still been working through my backlog…

    Bagged another easy platinum (5 in 4 weeks – a record for me!) this week in the form of Sly Raccoon 1. Enjoyable but far too easy.

    I gave Dead Nation a go and decided it might be too difficult for me lol – we’ll see. Plus the co-op trophies might stop me in my tracks!

    Had a quick bash at LBP Karting to try and figure out why I left it incomplete – pretty good fun and might spend a bit more time with it.

    Apparently the latest COD Ghosts patch toned down the difficulty in Extinction so I’ve spent a few hrs there (both on PS3 and 4) trying to mop up the last few trophies to no avail… Definitely easier but why does no one else play properly (ie challenges) ?! :-(

    And finally, restarted POP: The Forgotten Sands as it seems a straightforward platinum but I couldn’t remember exactly what I’d done and hadn’t done… Not to mention how to actually play the game!

    Phew! Truth be told, I can’t wait til the likes of inFamous and Driveclub (and FFX\X-2 remastered) come along so I’ve got something new to play… The backlog of games I actually want to, and have time to, play and complete is quickly dwindling! :-(

  3. Finished Bioshock infinite this week, courtesy of PS Plus. My Vita arrived, along with a free copy of Killzone Mercenary. Completed the single player in about five hours, really enjoyed it, loved the new formula it really felt like a ‘pick up and have some fun’ kind of shooter unlike the usually more serious KZ games.

    Just gone back to Persona 3 Portable, I started it last august but keep getting distracted by PS Plus games. I’m determined to ignore all other games now until I complete it. 55 hours in and no end in sight, there is a lot of talking.

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