What We Played #143: Threes, TxK & Outlast

I’m not feeling at all in need of the next wave of PS4 releases, I’m still having way too much fun with Warframe whenever I get time to fire up Sony’s LED be-lit angular box. So much fun (about 150 if you measure fun by the hour) that I’ve been more than happy to throw a few notes Digital Extremes’ way for some essential and non-essential in-game stuff.

There’s also been some more Borderlands 2 on PS3, which seems so much more interesting to me now than it was when I played it at release. Go figure. Finally, out of mild curiosity in a rare idle moment, I fired up Knack’s Quest on my Nexus 10. I really wish that I hadn’t. Maybe it comes across better on a phone’s screen?

Jim brings us a solitary tale of the dangers of copping a TV remote in the Vita-ls:


This week started off pretty badly.

I may have failed to mention it but, back in November, I broke my PlayStation Vita. In a split second of stupidity I lobbed my TV remote onto the bed whilst having a tidy, only for it strike my Vita at the most improbable angle. Though the console still worked, the screen began to discolour in the top right corner, a smudge that began to spread like a mechanical cancer.

I was infuriated by this, but finally picked up another Vita a fortnight ago from eBay. I usually trust private seller and, to be fair, the console was immaculate and played beautifully for a week before it packed in completely.

With a game arriving for review, I had no other option but to go out to GAME and splash the full £180 on a new system. After seeing the recent reviews, I opted for the older model and its snazzy OLED screen.

I may be a few quid down but it has allowed me to continue playing Toukiden. As I said in my review, it’s a tidy game but the comparisons to Monster Hunter are there for a reasons and just won’t go away. Toukiden certainly isn’t lingering in its shadow, mind. For those who have even a faint interest in action RPGs, it’s well worth a shot.

Inter-writer rivalry is getting to Stefan:

So, the main new game I’ve been playing this week is called Threes!. It’s for iOS and, surprisingly, it’s not a match three-style game… at least, not in the usual sense. It’s much cleverer than that as you have to shuffle numbered cards around on a board, knocking matching numbers together. The tricky thing is that each swipe moves all cards that aren’t blocked.

It’s hard to explain, but simply wonderful to play and quickly gets quite challenging to keep finding moves and manoeuvre the cards into each other. It’s also as cute as a button.

But Blair’s best score is higher than mine. :(

While topping the local leaderboard isn’t Blair’s main concern about that game:

I played more of The Binding of Isaac. Loads of it, in fact, and it’s taking a toll on my Uni work. I thought that was bad, but then Stefan told me to download Threes! and it’s even worse. I can’t stop playing it, it’s so addictive and I’m almost certainly going to lose out on a degree because of it. This was his plan all along, wasn’t it?

I also completed The Last of Us DLC earlier this week and I’m allowed to talk about that at the time this post goes live, so here goes: it’s brilliant. It’s just like The Last of Us again, and I don’t think we need a sequel now that we’ve got this. It completes the experience.

And I’m about to play the Titanfall beta, so bye!

Aran’s babbling away in NBA-speak which means nothing to me:

All my gaming time has been split between Ys: Memories Of Celceta and NBA 2K14, but Ys is being played for review so you’ll have to wait until next week for my verdict.

In 2K14 my player still isn’t in the starting line up for the Suns despite being the second highest scoring rookie in the league. Even my fictional fans on the in game social media are demanding I be in the main line up instead of being Sixth Man. I’m thinking of demanding a trade.

The ever cheerful and polite Dom has been indulging in an eclectic mix this week:

I’ve mostly been playing Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks for my review. I wholeheartedly recommend the series if you’ve never tried it but you might want to give this one a miss if you’ve played the last few as it’s very, very similar.

Other than that I’ve played some TxK, which is awesome and takes me back to playing Tempest 2000 on my Atari Jaguar, as well as some more Lego LOTR on Vita, though that is now starting to wear a bit thin as the Vita is capable of so much more than that game does.

And lastly we have DanToo who seems to have picked up a nasty chest infection due to all this inclement weather:

Well I can finally say I’ve been playing on the PlayStation 4. A lot of Outlast for my review,which is a very scary game indeed. I’ve also bought Tomb Raider and Battlefield 4 which both look fantastic. From YouTube videos the differences between generations doesn’t look that big, but when you see it first hand the improvements are huge.

I’ve owned both on PS3, and enjoyed them there, but now I’m having even more fun with them on PS4. Wonderful stuff.

Resogun and the FIFA 14 demo have also had a few plays too. I’m really bad at Resogun, and not much better at FIFA either.

That’s it from us so it’s over to you to tell us about your own gaming experiences this week.



  1. Terraria on the Vita as I anticipated and some tiny effort on AC IV to be the most feared pirate in my region, which is not difficult at all. I should have it soon. Terraria was great, well it was until The Eye of Cthulhu started stalking me. Glad I waited for the Vita version.

    On the other hand, I’m very excited about the FFIV:ARR beta launching next week or so. I can see myself taking turns with my girlfriend to play the hell out of that of beta. And probably buying it afterwards. I should start looking for a deal on the PS3 version so I can upgrade.

    We didn’t get Outlast this month (got Soundshapes instead), I was never going to play it anyways. But I watched some PS4 streams and got all the fun out of that. No need to put so much stress on my wonderfully jolly life by playing it myself, when I can just get others to do the dirty work for me.

    Well that’s it, now I’m off to do some Valentine’s Day cooking and baking. Being a cook really pays off on days like these.

    • may i just point out, that me and my mrs started playing FF14 on the same service account. This measn we can never ‘Play’ together. ever aparantly.

      if you and the GF intend to play together, then you need to each create a separate service account on a different psn account profiles etc.

      if you don’t mind battling her for control or never intend to play together then by all means use the same service account.

      • Thanks for the warning, I will be careful about that. I was wondering if we can play on the same PS4, at the same time though, sharing the screen for two characters. This may be a meaningless question but I don’t know much about MMOs or if this would work. Maybe on splitscreen or a shared screen?

      • Well I guess you already mean playing together at the same time… I’m very confused about this apparently :)

    • No split screen option. Only way to play together is if you have a ps3 or PC and a ps4. You would also need 2 copies of the game. I pay subscription for upto 8 characters on 1 service account. I have a character and the mrs does. Because it’s on the same square service account we can’t play and the character can’t be transferred.

      So we can only play one at a time regardless. It also means we can’t friend each other to send each other goods.

      So you would need a copy of the game on ps3 /PC (under a tenner these days) and a service account linked to that. Then the ps4 copy with a different service account.

      This way you are 2 separate players basically but you can join the same server and exist in the same world together.

      Nightmare eh!

  2. FFXIV, that is. Clumsy Clara.

  3. I have played annoying games with frustrating annoying challenges in my life, the first God of war challenges with no save point that was quite the most annoying but for me FIFA 14 challenges has to be the worst thing I have come across, I nearly smashed my pad before realising it ain’t cheap to buy so held my shit together.

    Been playing Tearaway on vita just waiting for toukiden to arrive.

    • Are you talking about the Match Day challenges or Skills Challenges?

      • Both of them lol I can’t do the skill challenges, after I pass gold they get hard, match day is solid

      • I think you only need Gold though…apart from one challenge. The easiest imo us the Goal Keeper challenge (especially if you change your player to Neuer). Even if you don’t get it right away, you’ll get lucky eventually with where the balls are fired from.

        Not much advice I can give with the Match Day ones, other than keep trying. You can wait a few days to see if the new challenges are easier, rather than one where you need 2-3 goals to win.

      • I need to become legendary on one of the skills. Tried the goalkeeper but wasn’t good will give that a go again.

        Match day that’s another story & what’s annoying the trophy doesn’t say win at all

  4. This week I’ve finally finished AC Black Flag’s single player,it was a relief to finally sink the last legendary ship! I’ve also been playing the multiplayer to get the last two trophies.
    I’ve been tempted to purchase the freedom cry dlc,I just can’t make up my mind!

  5. Been playing Terraria on the Vita (very time consuming) and that’s about it really. Not had much of a chance to jump on the PS3 which might be a good thing, though I have been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica more than anything else.

    • If you mean the newer Battlestar (Starbuck’s a women version), I bought the blue-ray box-set for £29 off Amazon recently. Brilliant show.

      • Nice tip thanks, although I am watching it on Netflix at the moment. Got to season 3 and yeah, it is brilliant stuff.

      • I loved it too, fracking wonderful! ’33’ was an utterly brilliant episode, probably my favourite bit of yank TV ever. You’ll enjoy it to the end Avenger :)
        Blast, have you seem the spinoffs? If so, any good?

      • The caprica prequel is worth a watch, bit slow to begin with but it fills a lot of questions about the back-story. Sadly it got cancelled too soon. I’ve got the blood & chrome blue-ray but yet to watch it.

      • Blood & Chrome is great too. I just wish they’d made a series of it …

  6. When the cloud servers haven’t been playing up, I’ve managed to get my 30 platinum awards on GTA Online, and have reached level 96….just 4 more levels and I should have the last multiplayer trophy so I can earn the platinum, yay!!

    Been playing a bit of Tomb Raider on PS4 with Virtual_Rehality, Crazy_Del and blackredyellow.

    Also some CoD Ghosts Extinction with Teflon, McProley and a new PSN friend wick15. Managed to grab McProley the trophy he needed (escaping with a Relic). It’s such a great game mode. We also played some Infected briefly.

    I also played some Mickey’s Castle of Illusion and Escape Plan with my son – he loves them. He’s only 3 and can already 3-star most of the Prison levels in Escape Plan.

    I also played a very small amount of Lego Lord of the Rings on Vita.

  7. Bit of a hectic Vita week for me making up lost time, comprising of
    Rayman Origins, Modnation Racers road trip, F1 2011, Sine Mora, SS Delta demo…..loads left to sample.
    PS3 wise GT6, Metro last night, Zombie drivers HD, still yet to try Bioshock Infinate and Borderlands 2.

  8. My PS4 arrived this week (in fact they sent two!) so most of this week has been spent playing Killzone online using my 14 day ps+ trial. Easily my favourite of the series and a real joy to look at. I’m also a huge fan of the console’s simple UI and brilliant new controller :)
    Got my Titanfall code this morning so I will alternate between that and Killzone next week :)

    • I’ll have your spare PS4 if you’re giving it away ;)

  9. You just have to stick with NBA Aran. Mycareer is so scripted its laughable. You will make starter soon enough, dont worry.

  10. This week saw me finally get my last Extiction Trophy for CoD: Ghosts on PS4 with special thanks to Youles Teflon and Wick. It really is a fun game mode! We also managed to fit in some Infected games too, Its awesome! Anyway, as I’m working tomorrow I shall be able to bring my PS4 in and finish all the mopping up trophies for the plat.

    On Vita I’ve now finished my second playthrough of Final Fantasy 4 again, now i’m on my way to finishing FF4: The After Years. Should getting that finished tonight at work then I can start Persona 4 Golden whilst I wait for FFX to be released

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