WeView Verdict: The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable wasn’t the most popular game we’ve featured in WeView, but given that it’s a PC only title and a pretty niche one at that, the response was decent.


OcelHrobka1991 said that it was “well worth buying”, and pointed out that the low visual requirements means that you can play on most recent systems. “Buy it 10 times.” spoke nofi, suggesting it’s worth about £100, and said it was his favourite game of last year, which is similar to how I feel about the game.

It was very hard for colmshan1990 to say exactly why he’d recommend the game, as he didn’t want to spoil the experience, but said that you’ll just have to trust him as, truthfully, “the joy is in discovery”.

“The demo had me hooked and as soon as I had finished that I bought the full game. It is worth giving the demo a go first to make sure you like the humour.” said uk_judgement which is a very good point to make, I can see why some people might not like the game.

Severn2j enjoyed the game, but found it boring “after an hour or so” as he had played the original Half-Life 2 mod. He added: “The premise is great and it plays on video game tropes very well, but its ultimately a one-trick pony, even if the one trick is shown in different ways.”

Stanley is “one of the funniest games” gazzagb has played, and praised the overall experience. This comes despite him not enjoying other similar “artsy” games such as Journey.

The second part of uk_judgement‘s comment summed up it all very well:

The reason that this game draws you in so well is because it feels as if the game reacts to everything you do. The narration is brilliant, and at some times, manages to draw you in and dupe you into thinking you know what is going on, only to reveal that you don’t.

A good response for Stanley then, and in the voting there were four votes for Buy It, three votes for Sale It and no votes for Avoid It. If that doesn’t convince you, then I’m not sure what will!

Now for the votes! We’ve got Rayman Legends tomorrow, but now that it’s gone from the poll along with Stanley, we’ve added Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag alongside Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Pokémon X & Y.


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  1. I’ll be buying it then! I’ve just downloaded the demo, it crashed almost immediately but that’s hopefully my fault and won’t happen again, the trailer was just excellent and had that same weird, eerie pull as Portal, though I appreciate Stanley will be completely different :)

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