The Stanley Parable Dev’s Next Game, The Beginner’s Guide, Is Out Tomorrow

The Stanley Parable was one of the most delightfully experimental looks at story telling in videogames of the last few years. Each play through lasted just a dozen or so minutes, but it rewarded you for straying off the beaten path and defying the self-aware narrator as you explored all the possible routes that you could take.

Davey Wreden, one half of the team behind that game, has been crafting The Beginner’s Guide since then, with a release on PC and Mac set for tomorrow, 1st October. With a lot to live up to, precious little is known about the game, other than that it will still be a “narrative, first-person game”, as it was quite suddenly announced alongside a rather bare teaser website yesterday.


However, Polygon have posted a gallery of screenshots which show that the game is nothing if not surreal in its variety of settings.

Source: Davey Wreden, Polygon


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  1. I’ve only played Stanley for an hour but loved it, it’s totally unique and very hard to describe but a great little game. Just got Train Valley on Steam so I might add this to the wish list and check it out later down the line.

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