Podcast: Episode 200 – Nostalgia, WWE 2K16 & The Beginners Guide

So here we are, two hundred episodes of ridiculousness. If you’ve stuck with us from the beginning then we’d like to thank you deeply, and if you’re just grabbing the podcast for the first time then there’s plenty of backlog for you to work your way back through.

Kev is still enjoying himself in Japan, so he wasn’t here to celebrate two hundred episodes with us, but instead we pulled in Peter Chapman, who rounded out the original podcast crew with Lewis and I. That lead to a lot of podcast nostalgia, as well as a quiz about the podcast’s history from Lewis.

Alongside that we took a quick look at the week’s news before Peter gave us his views on The Beginner’s Guide and I launched into a long attack on WWE 2K16. As for Lewis, he quickly looked at the Uncharted Collection before moving on to telling us all about Spectre.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Already 200 episodes huh?
    It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. I still remember finding this website when I got a PS3 and the podcast when it was still in the single digits.

    The laid back nature is what makes me come back. I’ve entered contests and I’ve won. I’ve been mentioned more than once and been a part of the community round-up.

    It’s nice to be a part of this community even though I don’t comment as much as I should. I only wanted to appreciate that you’ve appreciate me as a community member.

  2. Episode 200. Wow. Cannot say from where did I start listening to you guys, maybe somewhere around the ⅓ of it? Thanks for all those hours that helped me a lot to get through a day at work ;D and by the way being really enjoyable, funny and sometimes interesting xD

    You should make a special episode with all the cut out parts :D The Big Lewis Special ;D It could be offensive, but fuck it let’s go with it!

    Peter you could say that they earn a lot with those games, but isn’t this a clear sign that the development of a triple AAA games costs so much that companies don’t want to invest in that? Especially if a game is not a multiplayer, micro transactions, DLC, season pass thing. Should we expect a downfall of AAA single player oriented games? Scary stuff.

    Peter’s back :) Very enjoyable talk and really interesting. Never played The Beginner’s Guide or the second game. I’m not really into such experiences in video games, just not my thing, but hearing about the man behind them and the costs of that titles makes me want to try.

    I’m on the same side as Lewis, I go to websites and reviews not because it’s on that website but because the person writing them is there. A long time ago I forgot about reading opinions based on the name of where they are (website, magazine) and focus on the writer, with whom I tend to agree on most of the stuff about games. Then I know that if his review was good and he liked the game there is a high chance I will too.

    WWE is not really my thing so I will pass on this bit :p

    Glad that Lewis liked the new Bond movie. I was going to watch it a few days ago but my car broke down :( it’s fine now, so on Wednesday is Bond day :D Can’t wait. Craig is for the best 007 ever and I like them all in general.

    Greta quiz. Couldn’t get all the answers, but I was surprised I actually could get some of the bizarre ones right ;D Wow. I was mentioned in a question for the 200th podcast episode quiz – thanks guys. I appreciate it :D BTW. Laughed my ass off on Peter’s answer xD LOL

    Owww, so much Polish words in this episode. Great. Thanks guys :D I promise to be here for the next 100 ^^ Lewis you nailed “czekolada”, well done.

    I already bought tickets to Star Wars at day one 00:01. EXCITED? YES!

    Once again, thanks for this episode and of course the 200 so far. Keep it up lads.

    PS1. The baby sound is scary.
    PS2. Yep. Couldn’t ask for a more memorable outro.

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