News Snatch: Deus Ex: The Fall, InFamous Second Son, Titanfall And Portal

Lots of news today including an exclusive shot of the suspiciously rumpled trackies belonging to TSA regular, GTown. There’s a treat to look forward to, eh?

On with the gubbins starting with 15 minutes of The Stupid Hat Game (aka InFamous Second Son), in Russian.


Sticking the those who are fashion challenged, a new TV spot for the game has emerged and the man who did everything to avoid being on camera for years gets to make another TV appearence, at least in text form. Watch closely, twenty five seconds in is a quote from Teffers.

Unannounced Games Revealed By Minor Celebrity Section:

Tony Hawk is working on a game, we know this because he said “we’re working on a game”.

There is also a new Mortal Kombat game in the works, we know this because Kiefer Sutherland said his voice work for the game was over “pretty quickly compared to Metal Gear Solid 5.”

A new trailer for Titanfall and if you are interested, click this link for a list of all 50 burn cards.

Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is a thing. No, it is, really, it is a new board game scheduled for Q3 2014. It features custom playing pieces including test subjects, a sentry turret, a weighted companion cube and of course, cake.

The game will be published by Cryptozoic, cost $50 and is for two to four players. It has been designed by the creators of Portal and is said to “deliver a rich, smart, and utterly unique narrative experience.”

A rather awesome Street Fighter tattoo, look closely!

The endless conveyor belt of LEGO games continues, check out these videos for LEGO The Hobbit.

“We are working on a new IP, and we started on that already two-an-a-half years ago but unfortunately we cannot share details yet of the new IP, so you’ll have to be a bit more patient” – Guerilla Games Executive Producer, Angie Smets.

The new Dead Rising 3 DLC promises gentle country pursuits including fishing, basketwork and pottery. Oh alright, I lied, it’s just more zombies.

Freind of TSA, Vaughn (Vaughn! VAUGHN! VAAAAUGHN!), was asking when the latest PS+ games will be announced as they seem to be rather late. Vaughn, I have news for you.

“You’re correct – it is a little later than usual,” said Fred Dutton of the EU PS Blog. “From now on we’ll be revealing the next batch of games approximately a week before they enter the service.”

The amusing Codemasters Twitter feed has been at it again, this time flirting with Capcom.

Deus Ex: The Fall, last years tablet and mobile game, is heading to the PC. The Steam version will cost for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99, and if you pre-order the game now you will also get the original Deus Ex – Game of the Year Edition for free. The updated game has a number of new features:

  • No in-game purchase options
  • 28 Steam achievements
  • Adjusted AI
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges and (TBC)
  • Revised tutorial
  • Full keyboard and Mouse control optimisation
  • Rebalanced game economy taking into account no IAP
  • Microsoft Controller support
  • Removal of auto target options
  • Reduction in aiming recital size
  • Choice in cover style as DXHR (HOLD or Toggle)
  • Resolution options
  • Anti Aliasing option
  • Vsync
  • Control maps for keyboard and gamepad

The rather excellent Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game is to get a 30th Birthday Edition, which will allow users to share their achievements with friends over social media.

The game will go live on Saturday 8th March and will be hosted by the BBC Radio 4 Extra homepage.

Sad news for our resident Shenmue fan, Lewis. Sega have lost the rights to the name “because registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8.”

In other words, they did not use the name within the allotted time period.

A trailer for Wargame: Red Dragon, a PC RTS thing.

And Finally, remember those nifty PS4 Lightbar stickers? Our very own GTown ordered some and here they are.
First, a sexy fake fur picture – phhwooar!
The “Really needs to dust more often” picture.
And finally, the “What is that bulge in his trackies” pic. Good work Mr K!



  1. Thanks for the bulge pic. Sadly it was my top rather that trousers.
    Codemasters Twitter feed is getting very funny of late.
    For the next snatch please can I have some made up Warhawk news as I want it to be a real thing.

    • Do the stickers mess up the motion tracking with the camera? It looks like they block out quite a large percentage of the light that the camera would normally see.

    • I will cry on the day they turn off warhawk

  2. ‘News Snatch’ conjures images of a vagina reading the headlines… Might just be me, though :)

  3. The Dhalsim tattoo is ace.

    • That is really artistic and clever, very talented tattooist.

      Some people can go too far with the bigger tattoos though in my opinion an example is Cheryl Cole with the Rose Garden covering most of her back. Give it a few years when parts of her body and skin start to sag and travel Southwards , it’ll look like a compost heap!

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