Hide Behind The Sofa, There’s Outlast DLC Coming In April

The gluttons for horror out there will be apprehensively joyous to hear that there’s plenty more to come. Outlast came to PS4 and PC earlier this month, with the former platform seeing it added to the PS+ Instant Game Collection and getting it into as many trembling hands as possible, but its story isn’t finished.

Posting on their Facebook page, Red Barrels unveiled the forthcoming Whistleblower DLC pack that is set to arrive in April. It will see you playing as Waylon Park, the man who spent a few weeks at the asylum as a software engineer, seeing the horrors playing out there and deciding to email journalists around the world to reveal the asylum for the terrible and terrifying establishment it really is.


Then again, maybe it’s not as scary as the main game. To go with their announcement, they also posted the following screenshot of a friendly looking chap licking a knife:





  1. I forgot about this game. I might start it at work tonight. Its nice that maybe you’ll be able to see the game in colour rather than just nightvision green

    • I really like the night vision in the game..! :o)

  2. Wow..! Christmas will be in April this year. I love this game, rarely buy DLC, but this I cannot wait for. Best game I have played in a long time. Makes me still jump during my second playthrough.

  3. Still too chicken to finish the main game, although playing in the dark on my own with the 7.1 on wasn’t be best idea ever.

    • I bought the Gold Wireless headset for this game and stopped playing after the first 10-15 minutes. I don’t think I can actually finish it…

  4. Lol, only managed 20 minutes of this game and had to put it down. Also scared the missus crazy when I kept screaming with every jumpy moment I got to. She said I couldn’t play it anymore as it was terrifying her (she wasn’t watching it and I had headphones on!).
    Doubt I’ll make it to some DLC then…..

  5. Did I already say I love this game..?

  6. I dont usually jump or get scarred during horror films, but the first 20 minutes of this game had me jumping clean out of my skin on at least 3 occasions. I have not been back on it since.

  7. I need to get back to it…. But im too afraid :-/

  8. Played this with a couple of mates over, Sar night, lights off, sound up. Haven’t played it since and not because I didn’t enjoy it…

  9. Tis an amazing game. Not sure I’ll buy the dlc though. Took me long enough to get through the (short) main game because I couldn’t play more than an hour without bring worried about my heart

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