PlayStation 3 Games Box Art Is Going Through Another Design Change

It appears Sony will be changing the box art designs for PS3 titles by bringing them into the same design fold as the PS4 and Vita titles, where the boxes will adopt the blue design. This revelation came via the release of the box art for Deception IV: Blood Ties which Sony sent out last week. IGN contacted the publisher who confirmed the design change, the first change in about five years. The changes that the box design has gone through are below.

What do you think of the new design plan? Should Sony just stick with the previous layout or is the change a good move? It might be considered a bit late in the console cycle to go about doing this, especially as the other design is already very recognisable. I do like the PS4 and Vita design, and I’m not totally against this change. Just have to rearrange my collection in the future.

Source: IGN



  1. If this design plan will stick for this generation (just like one design was present for PS1 and PS2), without any future changes, then it’s ok. I like the blue colour. Will the boxes also be blue? Just like the Xbox ones are green.

  2. I like the new design and it makes sense to move it in line with the other PS formats, especially when PS2 was still so popular after the release of the PS3…it’s likely PS3 games will still be coming for a long while yet.

    • I was going to be all whiny and complain that this is just another waste of time and money by clueless boardroom staff, but you’re right it does tie the brand together nicely. During this limited window of opportunity to sell current gen and last gen, as well as hand held, at the same time it seems quite nice to tie the branding together, same font and now same colours, it might even make us last-gen-losers feel less behind the times :)

      • Yeah, on one hand I do think it’s a bit pointless, but I guess it can’t be that awkward to do if it’s only done with new releases…and it’ll make all the games all matching and pretty! :)

    • Oh and Haze, bloody hell, there was a hyped up mess and a good case for never releasing demos! Did anyone play it?

      • Played the demo, totally put me off a game that I was really looking forward to. I feel sorry for anyone that pre-ordered or bought it early on, you could get it for about £10 a fortnight later!

  3. Could be a little confusing, especially for parents buying a game for kids. No real difference in boxes for cross platform games. Still, only a problem for a year or so as PS3 games will become less prominent.

  4. Makes sense. Will the clear bit go now too?

  5. I like the new style. Keeps in with the Vita and PS4 which seem a bit “sharper” than PS3 games.

    On a side note, why is the girl on Deception IV: Blood Ties wearing an Ann Summers outfit? To attract pervy teens who like manga? Seems a bit pathetic.

    • Everybody likes of bit of something that makes them feel guilty from time-to-time. This is the only reason I can fathom as to why people went to see the Transformers films.

  6. I hated when they changed the box art the first time but I used to keep all my games back then. Now I trade them in as soon as I’ve completed them and only keep the classics so this doesn’t bother me. New design looks much better though.

  7. Stylistically it benefits from being part of the family (when it comes to branding) and it’s also a very simple change from a design perspective. Studios then have their box art templates updated and that’s it. Tiny investment of money with a potentially positive blip in sales from a more unified brand.

    Either that or they’re trying to confuse dipsy parents so children say “aww… dad! You’ve gone and accidentally bought me this on the PS4 and we don’t have one but maybe we should. You know how mum has said you don’t take enough interest in us and this would show her how much you love us even though you go on questionably long business trips and come back stinking of booze and cheap perfume. You know… just saying.”

    {Sony sell another PS4}

    “Yay!!! Love you, dad!”

  8. I like the change, ties them in with Ps4 and Vita. Are the boxes going to be ghe same as ps4 now too?

  9. Looks a lot better. Not really needed though.

  10. I hated the shift from the spider-man branding originally, but I actually prefer the new style to the current one.

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