Molyneux Says Sorry, Removes Clicking From Godus 2.0

Industry legend Peter Molyneux has said sorry for the rather long wait for Godus 2.0. It has taken a while as 22 Cans have taken aboard all the criticisms for the game and changed a number of features.

Most importantly, the clicking has gone and rather than tapping the mouse like a demented woodpecker, one click and a swipe is all that is required to edit the landscape and collect your worshippers. Check out the video below to discover what else has changed.

The game, which is still in the beta phase, is availble via Steam.

Source: YouTube


  1. Godus has sort of disappeared off the radar, which makes me wonder whether all the publicity was worth it. And shouldn’t Molyneux fans be used to clicking, or tapping, over and over and over and over and over and over?

    • Oh and has anyone been playing the beta? Any impressions?

      • It was a poor experience. The clicking was excessive and annoying. In fact, easier just to say that the interface was rubbish.

        However, this update tempts me as it seems to address those concerns, and therefore I may play long enough to get to the good bits.

  2. He is responsible for Populous 2 which I still regard as one of the greatest god games ever made. This makes it all the more awkward when he opens his mouth and bollocks spills out in bucket loads. This thankfully does not appear to be related to the latter of the two.

  3. Its too late for Peter Molyneux in my estimations. I’m at “fool me once shame on you, fool me 15 times and I’m just angry”. Godus has a 96% negative review rating at the moment. Glad I decided not to back the Kickstarter for this.

  4. It’s a pity the headline didn’t read with the more succinct, ‘Molyneux Says Sorry’, instead.

    For what? For everything! :-P

    • Yes! I’m still bitter about Black and White. Which was one of the first major titles to be released in a broken state and patched later.

      A trend that has echoed through the ages.

      Damn you Molyneux!……….Damn you!

  5. Life, changing.

  6. Molyneux has been pathetic for years now. If he is the “industry legend” everyone says he is, then he shouldn’t make such amateurish mistakes. And trying to sell click and drag instead of clicking like mad as a charming and delightful game mechanic is just downright humiliating. He should be boycotted.

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