22Cans Releases Godus Wars On Steam Early Access

22Cans’ Godus has had quite an eventful story attached to its development, with founder Peter Molyneux having to deal with a backlash when the Kickstarter goals weren’t being met.  These included multiplayer and persistent worlds. There was also controversy when it was revealed that Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson had spent a long time waiting on his prize, becoming the virtual god of Godus and getting a portion of the revenue. Last week a Twitter hack on Molyneux’s account suggesting he was retiring, and that Godus would be removed from sale.

The real Peter Molyneux denied those claims, and today 22Cans released Godus Wars on Steam Early Access, with Steam Godus owners and Kickstarter backers getting the content for free. Everyone else will have to pay £10.99/€14.99/$14.99. That price includes the original Godus.


The features of Godus Wars are as follows:

• Use your God-like might to battle over seven varied continents, through 150+ uniquely designed and modifiable levels.
• Collect over 20 different Power Cards with thousands of variations and use them to gain
the upper hand in battle.
• Control expansive armies with up to 50 different unit types from Archers to Catapults.
• Wield eight mighty God Powers to bring devastating destruction or protection to your followers.
• Maps that change as you play with the unique deformable land.

A full release is expected later this year.

Source: Press Release



  1. Oh God, Peter Molyneux is back!!

  2. And Brian Henderson still hasn’t recieved anything. Not even any contact, if my memory of that Eurogamer article is correct.

    It is funny how they uploaded it under a new steam page thus avoiding all the negative reviews and Peter no doubt, will oversell everyting. Plus, i’ve heard that Godus is a full advert, IAP filled mess.

    But hey, look on the plus side, we get er………


    Ooo, i know….. wait, actually no.


    I may need to get back to you on this.

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