Molyneux’s Godus Kickstarter Reaches £450k Target

Peter Molyneux’s Project Godus has just reached its required target of £450,000 on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The game, a return to Populous (at least in genre) for fledging studio 22cans, will now go ahead and be developed, with a goal to release in 2013.


I spoke to Peter a couple of weeks back, when he told me Kickstarter meant there was “no escape”.

“It’s just us as an indie and the fans,” he said. “However, we have to work harder and longer and be more decisive because of this.”

22cans had a live stream running in the lead up to the target goal, in which Molyneux promised to do the Gangnam Style dance – at which point the total dropped £5k. Over 4,000 people were watching the total creep up at the end tonight.

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  1. I’ll give it six months until he’s on a reality programme. That’s where most moderately famous people end up when they lose the plot, right?

    • I hope it’s one of those where they need to survive out in the wilderness.

      • I’d be happy if it was a bask* of crocodiles and that it was impossible to escape. The winner(s)? The ones chomping on his tasty carcass. :-P

        *looked up the collective noun for crocodiles.
        1. bask
        2. float

        Bizarre but true.

      • A bask? Wow, I would have guessed a murder of crocodiles.

  2. I thought it would fail, seemed to far from its goal just a few days ago. Congratulations to 22cans (some name, eyh?) , I hope Godus turns out a success.

  3. Come on people really? The guy is a joke, it shows his incompetence that he can have these big ideas and never capitalise on them. Stop giving him money.

  4. What can I say, this is the ugly parts of society perhaps. Valuable DONATIONS are given to a person with a house and two cars who incidentally sold how many development companies, two was it.

    God knows why he was crying in the one interview. There are people in more of a dilemma trying to survive in this country and to get a decent job.

    I don’t knock that he wants to get a project started, but I think he seriously needs to look at his target and how much he is asking off the public. Because it appears to me that he is doing quite well at the current moment, enough to reduce the target sum. Also doesn’t he possess the skills to go beyond this and just work for someone… or at least look at advancing the development project. Plenty of engines and software that don’t cost the earth and give the ability to get some solid working mechanics together. With his experience it should be easy surely.

    • I think its one thing asking for so much money but its another when people actually donate. Supply and demand I guess.

  5. he promises to dance and the total goes down?
    that’s hilarious.

    he should have promised not to say anything publicly until the game was out if he got the backing he needed, he’d have got his money in five minutes. ^_^

    • Yeah.

      Pledge’s get withdrawn just before Kickstarter’s total is reached, there’s 2 reasons for it

      a) People won’t back products that look like they have ZERO chance of being funded, so I believe that sometimes the developers/manufacturers put $5k/$10k donations in, this helps other buy in as it looks like the project will come to fruition. Then then withdraw these just before the end when it looks like the project will get funded

      2) Internet trolls… Pledge something, then remove it because they’re idiots with nothing better to do than mess with people’s minds

      iii) Buyer’s remorse/ second thoughts

  6. ‘Kickstarter’??? I will Kick him for FREE LoL:D

  7. But how will he be able to live on a few million as that Kickstarter won’t be used to help him live? Someone think of him! *sets up a charity to help him to get an even bigger house and an olympic sized swimming pool*

    Suspect he will overhype it as usual, i wonder if it’s a return of the God Sim genre as that’s seem to be extinct. Also, he is a bit of a hypocrit as he said that he is so rich that he doesn’t need kickstarter then procceeds to start one. :O But seriously, please donate a few million to Overhyper. (Disclaimer, this may not be true and may just be a scam by the Welsh)

  8. Looking forward to this.

    Didn’t back it as Kickstarter is proving bollocks in the software world.

    but I’ll buy this on day 1

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