A Sparkle Filled Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster European Launch Trailer

Normally I would Snatch a trailer like this but the new Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster trailer gives me a chance to mention that myself and Aran are currently casting spells and swapping dresses and will have some words on the two games prior the launch on Friday.


I have finished both games on PS2 and I am particularly fond of the second game. Will the Vita versions be as good as the original titles? Find out soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. Im literally more excited to get Final Fantasy X(on the Vita) than i am to get InFamous Second Son. Even though I played it to death on the PS2 and remember pretty much everything about it, it still ranks in my top 5 FF games and in my top ten games ive played, loveeee it! X-2 on the other hand, i hated, with a passion.

    • I didn’t hate X-2 but it didn’t have a touch on X. Think that made my opinion on it slightly warped. I just remember the opening cutscene (although beautiful), was so annoying as you couldn’t skip it. Think I started that game a good 4 times or so.

      • The only interesting element of the game was the Dress sphere battle system, but i hated the story. I feel like they just mugged you off by adding a X to it. It should have been a stand alone, not a ‘sequel’.

  2. Got this on preorder. Very excited to be revisiting FFX. Very fond memories of that game. Also the first FF I completed in full. Better return recently though with going back and completing VII,VIII and XIII.

  3. I really cannot wait for Friday. I adore FFX, I played it a lot in my teenage years. And I hope people give X-2 a chance because it’s a great game as well and all the additional stuff sounds pretty good too!

  4. I’ll be buying this and inFamous on Friday but I’m far more excited about FFX. Ploughed 100+ hrs into it back in the day and did just about everything possible… And can’t wait to do it all again!

    One of my favourite games of all time, easily!

  5. I never finished FFX-2, because…. Blitzball!!
    and everytime I replayed FFX or FFX-2, I played until Blitzball and got stuck only playing Blitzball :s

    I wish they would bring out all the mini-games as one release :p

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