There’s a chance Final Fantasy X could get another sequel

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Final Fantasy X could one day get another sequel. According to recent statements made by some of the game’s original creators, there’s a chance the project will go ahead.

This all comes from the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, which celebrated Final Fantasy X’s 20th anniversary. There’s a whopping 30-page feature in the new edition, interviewing lead developers including legendary artist Tetsuya Nomura, event director Motomu Toriyama, and scenario writer, Kazushige Nojima.


Looking back on the classic PlayStation 2 JRPG, the three of them were also quizzed on the game’s future. The subject then moves to the possibility of a Final Fantasy X-3. Nomura claims that a plot for the sequel already exists (via Gematsu):

Nojima has more or less written an outline of what a Final Fantasy X-3 would look like if it existed. [The audio drama] Final Fantasy X: Will and [novel sequel] Final Fantasy X-2.5 were written based on this. It’s dormant now, but the concept itself exists.

When asked about the potential for another sequel, Toyama says “the possibility isn’t zero. But I can’t talk about it until we finish production on the Final Fantasy VII Remake first.”

It’s hard to imagine where Final Fantasy X-3 would slot into Square’s current plans for the series right now. Final Fantasy VII Remake has been a colossal undertaking for the publisher, likely spanning several chapters and expansions over the next several years or so. Then there’s Final Fantasy XVI. The next main entry in the JRPG saga is still coming, and although it may be missing TGS 2021, Square have finished the main scenario as well as voiceovers (including the English dub).

The company also plan to release the first three games in their Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection later this month. They will hit PC first via Steam before launching on iOS and Android. Console ports have yet to be announced.

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Without mentioning the other FF projects in the pipeline, the franchise is powering ahead at full steam. Throwing Final Fantasy X-3 into the mix would be unnecessary, intensifying that creeping sense of fatigue some fans are already starting to feel.

Here’s what Dom said in his review of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for Nintendo Switch: “The remasters of Final Fantasy X/X-2 were already cemented as essential purchases for RPG fans, with an embarrassing number of enthralling hours for the asking price. The fact that it ends years of turmoil between Square and Nintendo makes it a truly remarkable release, and opens up one of the greatest series of all time to a whole new console family.”

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  1. X and X-2 were both great, so a second sequel would be nice. Unless they were to screw it up horribly like they did with the second sequel to XIII. Not sure they could do anything that bad unless they really tried.

    But instead, we’ll get the rest of the 7 remake over at least another couple of parts, along with even more DLC. Then again, at least we’ve got 16 to look forward to while we see how badly they fuck up the rest of 7.

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