News Snatch: InFamous Second Son, Minecraft PS3 And Trophy Errors

Greetings one and all, another packed Snatch for you today, starting with the news that Minecraft: PS3 Edition is to receive some texture packs. Judging by this picture, the textures include Killzone, Uncharted and Sly Racoon.


The Need For Speed movie should be in profit by the time you read this. The $66 million movie has stalled in the United States raking in just $17.8 million, but the worldwide box office for the first week was $63.4 million.

A new bit of concept art from The Order 1886 shows the London Underground, complete with an ultra realistic count of zero trains.


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes may be a bit short, but it’s the price that is stopping it from gaining extra shiny silverware.

A new fighter has entered the ring, or something. I forget the exact quote, but the point is that the previously unplayable character, Decapre, is to make her debut in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The Xbox One has taken a price cut here in the UK but over in Canada the PS4 is selling so well the price has been bumped up by $50.

“To respond to changes in the market environment, the price of PlayStation 4 will be revised from CAD $399.99 to $449.99 [manufacturer’s suggested retail price],” explained Sony.

resident codeis
“So it looks like we’re doing research for a new survival horror game this morning,” tweets the reliably amusing Codemasters. “Sure sure fog *small voice* stage one complete,” replied the equally amusing Capcom.

“We made it inside but was feeling weak, we tried crushing two potted plants together to regain health but it tasted weird,” continued Codies. “That happens, theres a knack to it but…” replied Capcom.

A massive wodge of spoiler free screens for InFamous Second Son, hand picked by me to show off blurry neon things.

Japan’s mascot for the FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil is actual Pikachu.

The much hyped OPSM reveal of “A series of massive significance finally being confirmed for PS4” turned out to be Batman, which we all knew about before they revealed it.

Good news if you are one of the many who are having problems with Dead Nation on PS4.

Have you synchronised your PS4 trophies recently? Perhaps you should try, the NP-32157-8 error seems to be spreading and its latest victim is me.

This is really, really annoying as I have slaved away for twenty or so hours unlocking every single weapon and attachment on Killzone Shadow Fall. I got the trophy ping and notification and yet when I look at my trophies, I don’t have it and I can’t sync with server.

At least it is a known bug and being worked on, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I honestly cannot keep with all the indie games coming to PS4 and Vita. This is an interactive trailer for Metrico which is in the final stages of production.

More indie goodness, this is a new trailer for Road Not Taken which is coming to the PS4 and PS Vita.

And Finally, a robotic fish. Because it is cool.


  1. The whole non-full price game = no Platinum Trophy, R&C games always have Platinum Trophies and short ones are roughly £20 to buy, so don’t see why this is a problem?

    • Trine has one and was never a full price game. What about motorstorm rc thinking about it that was like £3!

  2. the whole trophy thing still irritates me on PlayStation..
    i have a handful of older games that i would quite happily play the single player for just to grab some silverware,but they do not support trophies.

  3. Loads of smaller indie games have platinum trophies, such as Guacamelee and Hotline Miami. It seems strange that this is the exception to the rule.

    • Also, I hope the ps4 price hike isn’t a sign of hubris, the last thing Sony want to do when they are doing so well is fall back to their early mistakes from the ps3.

      • I’ve heard it’s related to the falling value of the Canadian dollar. $450 CAD is now approximately $405 USD.

  4. Metal gear has a full 1000g on xbox.

    Cheeky of Sony to put up the ps4 price, I thought they were just in it for the love of gaming.

    Can’t believe you still have to sync trophies on ps4. I’d like to hear the logic behind that decision.

  5. “…another packed Snatch for you…”



  6. The FIFA factoid is, frankly, terrifying.

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